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The government is taking the first step to make the Junta de Castilla y León constitutional if it approves an anti-abortion plan.

The government is going one step further in its bid to stop the far-right’s anti-abortion roadmap in Castilla y León. After insufficient consideration of the explanations of the president of the region, Alfonso Fernández Maniueco, and in the absence of the Council, he informs in writing that he abstains from developing the plans announced by the Vice President of Vox, Juan García-Gallardo, today the Council of Ministers. Approved a request for the Junta de Castilla y León to be declared incompetent in relation to anti-abortion measures, the Secretary of State for Communications said in a statement.

The initiative of the central executive authority involves going one step beyond the request sent on Sunday, and it will lead us to the legal way of disputed-administrative issues. In this case, the Council of Ministers is preparing to take the next step in order for the Constitutional Court to finalize the decision on the possible invasion of the powers of the autonomous government, the law on voluntary termination of pregnancy, and the status of the state.

In a note issued by Moncloa, they indicate that this incompetency will be declared for actions that “violate or damage” the law on sexual and reproductive health and voluntary termination of pregnancy, as well as Royal Decree 825/2010 of June 25. Partial development of the previous one. The action comes amid controversy over the regional executive’s anti-abortion measures, which include the use of 4D ultrasounds or allowing mothers to listen to the fetus’s heartbeat. As Moncloa pointed out, the Council of Castile and Leon has a month to respond.

The path opened this Tuesday represents a qualitative leap for the newly reformed Constitutional Court to conclude a ruling on a possible conflict of jurisdiction. The central government claims that the Junta de Castilla y León overstepped the rules already regulated in the state law on voluntary termination of pregnancy.

The minister of the presidency, Felix Bolaños, said on Tuesday that the government is working on “all possible options because we are not going to allow any retreat in women’s rights”. Bolaños demanded that the regional executive “immediately end any failure in women’s rights” and said that, in the opinion of the central government, “they are exceeding their powers”. “If they do not give a complete and satisfactory answer, we are going to initiate actions in front of the Constitutional Court to protect women’s rights,” he added.

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