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The PP asks the Senate to prevent minors from having an abortion without parental consent and to cancel the list of opponents.

The PP asked the Senate to veto the abortion law. On December 27, he registered an amendment to the veto on this rule, which is discussed in the upper house, except in its articles, which thus join the 180 that were presented in all groups, reported Europa Press. Feijóo’s party, in the proposed amendments, intends to abolish the register of protesting professionals, end the possibility of abortion for minors under the age of 16 or 17 without consent or restore a three-day reflection period for women who intend to have an abortion. and that information given to them about the process has been received verbally and in writing.

The abortion law will pass its first reading in the House Equalities Committee on June 2, so the deadline for changes to the rule has already closed, although changes agreed upon by various groups can be submitted for a vote. to this commission. That body would have to vote on two veto amendments submitted by the PP and Vox to remove the rule from the agenda, which is unlikely to pass with a majority in the Senate.

In addition to these items, the PP wants to eliminate sick leave due to the absence of menstruation. According to the party led by Alberto Núñez Feijoo, they are “harmful” to women in the workforce. They also want articles related to research related to menstrual health or the distribution of free contraceptives or feminine hygiene products in public centers.

Similarly, Feijóo’s articles suggest the exclusion of articles related to the training of professionals and actors involved in these practices or sexuality education in schools.

The registration of this veto amendment, as well as its subsequent debate, takes place in the context of the debate against the anti-abortion measures, in the context of hearing the heartbeat of the Junta de Castilla and León’s Vice President, Juan García-Gallardo, among others. Carrying out fetal or 4D ultrasound.

This Monday, the president of Castile and Leon maintained Vox’s anti-abortion measures, confirming that they would not be binding because they would be “direct and indirect coercion of the pregnant woman”, which he said “will neither promote nor protect”. Meanwhile, García Gallardo emphasized that listening to the fetal heartbeat will be offered to women who have apparently had a miscarriage.

The amendments that the groups presented are consistent with changes that have already been made in Congress and there are other changes related to regional powers in this matter.

Source: El Diario





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