The government rushes to ask Feijo to reject Vox’s plans in Castilla y León.

The government is quick to reprimand PP and VOX for the initiative of the government of Castilla y León to try to prevent public health from women who decide to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy with a 4D ultrasound and listening to the fetal heartbeat. Directly points to the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijo, to deny the intentions of his partners. Following an official request sent yesterday by the Ministry of Health to the regional executive, calls were made on Monday by various members of the central government for Feiyo to be instructed to distance his party from the far-right’s ideological agenda, rejected by Ra. This was announced by the Vice President of Castile-Leone, Juan Garcia-Gallardo.

“This is an ideological failure from which neither the PP nor Mr. Feijoo have left,” said Isabel Rodríguez in an interview on Onda Cero. Rodríguez denounced that the intention of the coalition government with the far-right PP “violates” the law regarding the right to abortion and is therefore a cause for “alarm” in the central government. “We are not going to accept even a step backwards in what we as women have cost so much to achieve,” she explained after insisting Feijo “avoid her responsibility” and not speak out against the measure.

Earlier, the Minister of Health also emphasized that the plan of the Junta de Castilla y León is “unacceptable according to the current legislation”. “The law stipulates that in case of voluntary termination of pregnancy, the woman should consider the kind of help she can have,” recalls Darias, who made sure that “obligation or coercion. [a escuchar el latido fetal]It suggests a violation of the current legislation: “The council has no competence and is against women’s rights,” he said.

In an interview on Cadena Ser, Darias warned that the government would use “all the mechanisms of the legal system” to “protect today’s legality and women’s rights”. When asked about the possibility of going to court, he replied: “If necessary, we will not have to do it.”

official request

In an official request sent to Alfonso Fernández Manueco’s executive director, Moncloa asked the public this week to “refrain from approving and using any measure that violates or damages” the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy. Minister Darias himself explained that it was he who sent another letter on Thursday to the Minister of Health, PP, “to ask what measures are being discussed” and to request the protocol announced by his far-right coalition partner. “In the first point, they tell me that the governing board has not announced any kind of measures, and in the second point they tell me that these measures will be implemented,” lamented the head of health.

In line with the message conveyed by the minister’s spokesperson, Carolina Darias highlighted the “eloquent” silence of Feijoo, who demanded “an end to this outrage”. “Is this the moderation he intended to come with?” asked the minister who insisted that “the PP cannot limit rights”.

Source: El Diario





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