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The government is threatening Castilla da Leon in writing to go to court if it uses Vox’s anti-abortion plan.

The government announced this week that “prior to the announcement made at the press conference of the government of Castile and Leon last Thursday” about the protocol, which the regional executive itself calls “anti-abortion”, the central executive, through the Ministry of Health, made a formal request to the Ministry of Health of Castile and Leon, the chapter Refrain from approving or using any measure that violates existing regulations on voluntary termination of pregnancy.” If the far-right plan announced by Castilla y León’s vice president, Juan García-Gallardo of Vox, is finally enacted, Moncloa threatens to implement any type of plan that violates abortion rights until then. Courts.

What Gallardo said in a press conference with the PP’s executive spokesman was that measures should be taken immediately in the region to allow women to freely decide to have an abortion. Among them, he assured that the administration intends to force doctors to offer pregnant women to listen to the fetal heartbeat in the first trimester, 4D ultrasound to see the fetus in motion, or to refer pregnant women to mental health services, if necessary. . The announcement caused an uproar at the state level, but the Castilla y León PP executive has so far avoided rejecting the far-right partner’s plans.

“The Spanish government will use all the mechanisms that the legal system makes available to it to protect women’s freedom and their right to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy under the conditions established by current regulations,” Moncloa said in a statement this week.

The executive, it adds, “shall ensure that no action is taken which violates their fundamental rights under any circumstances, either in the territory of any State or by any public administration.” Given this situation, Moncloa adds, “the Ministries of Health, Territorial Policy, Finance and Public Functions and the Presidency are in constant coordination to study, establish and coordinate appropriate measures.”

Moncloa requirements

From the government, they explain that in an official request, the Ministry of Health asks the Health Department of the Government of Castilla y León “to refrain from approving and using any measure that violates or damages what is established by the current regulations that regulate. Voluntary termination of pregnancy”.

It also asked him to “if it has already been adopted” implement “immediately terminate any protocol, agreement, instrument or communication in this regard that establishes any kind of obligation, reference, direction or recommendation to health personnel.” For the purpose of requiring, indicating, offering or suggesting to pregnant women who have freely decided to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy or have not expressly declared their intention to carry it to term, to carry out such tests that are not medically necessary. “.

Moncloa also requested “not to perform diagnostic tests that, in terms of medical practice, contradict current scientific knowledge and recommendations contained in national and international health guidelines approved by scientific societies.” and “that protocols, instruments, communications, or written or verbal instructions be immediately provided to the Ministry of Health by which the announced actions are intended to be implemented.”

“If the request is not fully and immediately met by the Junta de Castilla y León,” the statement added, “the government does not rule out additional legal action, given that St. The Junta de Castilla and León can openly subvert the legal system. “The government will study whether it is necessary to take other legal actions, given that the application of the measures announced by the Junta de Castilla y León may violate the effective exercise of fundamental rights and also exceed the powers that correspond to this autonomous community.” , The trench.

García-Gallardo’s statement left the president of the society, Alfonso Fernández Maniueco, in trouble, forced to clarify whether the PP intended to accept these measures from its government partner. First, it was said by the regional executive that Vox’s ultra initiatives will not be implemented. However, Manueco on Saturday did not deny that the measures were to be proposed to doctors and did not contradict Vox. “I don’t take lessons from the left when it comes to women’s rights in Castile and León, we protect women, we guarantee all their rights and women’s freedom of choice,” she said.

Manueco avoids Vox’s objection

The president of the council explained that his government would apply “measures to promote childbirth” for “months or years” and listed tax cuts for large families or free school supplies. “We also want to implement health measures to promote birth, which we have tried to explain in recent days,” he said. Thus, it states that measures will be applied to “premises” such as “absolute freedom of choice for pregnant women”, “absolute” respect for their rights, re-introduction of “voluntary” measures for pregnant women. Those who need it and apply with medical criteria “in compliance with the law and the recommendations of the gynecological society”.

Manueko clarified that when a gynecologist believes that a woman needs psychological help, he can directly refer her without the pregnant woman going to the primary health care unit for this referral, “to be more flexible in the provision of services.” As for the 4D ultrasound, which according to Vox will be offered to all pregnant women “so they can see the face of the fetus,” and which, according to the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, is only shown to confirm or rule out fetal malformations. , Manueco He noted that at the moment there are two hospitals in Castilla y León that do not have this type of equipment, Ávila and Segovia. But that their executive authorities want it to happen in all provinces “out of respect for the pregnant woman and absolute freedom if they ask for it” and with “strict medical criteria” because “if it’s dangerous for the woman or the fetus. It won’t be done.”

The President of Castile and Leon did not want to reject his Vice President Garcia-Gallardo. “I’m not going to get into what he says or doesn’t say, because I’m not one to analyze someone’s words or intentions. What I am saying is what it is and this is what will happen, what the Government of Castile and Leon and the Ministry of Health are going to do. ” In addition, he added that “beyond the interpretations that each one can make” and the “explanation” that journalists make “when exercising freedom of expression”, the facts are “absolute freedom of choice for women, absolute respect”. Absolute respect for the rights of health workers for pregnant women’ and that the council wants to ‘accelerate service delivery’.

Sánchez’s government has maintained since Friday that it “will not allow any backsliding” on women’s rights. Sources in the Ministry of Equality assured this Thursday that the announcement represents a “failure” in the “essential right” of women and that it could be a “violation” of sexual and reproductive rights in society. That same day, Vice President Yolanda Díaz called on Popular Party leader Alberto Núñez Feijoo to rule on Vox’s anti-abortion measures.


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