PSOE creates a committee to reject “fakes” and “right-wing disinformation” in the election campaign.

PSOE organizational secretary Santos Cerdán announced the creation of a “committee against right-wing disinformation” in the party, with the aim of rejecting “fakes” that he believes are spreading the People’s Party and voices against various socialist governments, and that could mark this year’s election campaign.

PSOE’s number three condemned in an interview with EFE agency that PP and Vox “use lies” to “inform citizens about lies” and therefore decided to create the so-called Committee “Against Disinformation”. Right” in the local and district elections in May and the general elections scheduled in December.

“It is unbelievable that in a democratic country we have to create a committee against disinformation from a political party like the People’s Party,” assured Santos Cerdan. The secretary of the PSOE organization explained that they will use the data – “because the data is stubborn and real”, he affirms – to refute the PP’s claims.

“Does the People’s Party want us to talk about the economy?” I’m happy, let’s talk about the economy. But they don’t want to.” Santos Cerda added that the PP has no other discourse than “Catalonia and EH Bildu” and admits that this is a new mechanism, but the current context requires it, because parties like the PP and Vox ” They use lies, lies and fake news to inform. citizens.

However, the reaction of the PP came this week through its undersecretary for regional and local coordination, Pedro Rollán, who was a guest at the extraordinary assembly that Ciudadanos is celebrating this weekend. Rolland said that the PSOE is not here to teach “lessons” and that the decision to create a committee to fight disinformation was made by “looking in the mirror”.

The popular deputy secretary accused the PSOE that the Socialists, not the PP, are “specialists when it comes to creating jokes and smokescreens”, adding that the PSOE uses social networks to spread lies “at speed”.

The committee announced by Santos Cerdán will also be represented in each province, responsible for the various socialist federations, as well as a national committee coordinated from the secretariat of the party’s organization. The PSOE’s organizational secretary will need to “dismantle the lies that may be told in each area”.

“It is clear that the right does not disinformation only at the level of national politics,” added Santos Cerdán, it also does it at the regional and local level, and we can transfer truth and certainty about what is national but regional. The sphere they have, they must be coordinated (socialist federations).

Source: El Diario





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