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Not everything is fascism and not everything is manipulation

The walls of pride are sometimes so round and high that they barely allow anything to be seen on the other side. Everything remains incomprehensible in pride, which almost always leads to ignorance and a small human dimension. This decision not to admit mistakes or learn from them is like refusing to receive the learning necessary to continue living, like the air we breathe.

The same thing happens in politics. The last example – scandalous because of this issue – is that of the Secretary of State against Equality and Gender Violence, Angela Rodríguez, who, while participating in a round table organized by Podemos, ironically performed the issue in which she did. There should be no room for frivolous or easy jokes. “People go to the registry every morning to change their gender” comes from the makers of… “Bullies on the streets!” (…) thousands, waves,” was one of the laughing comments made by the Equality Ministry’s number two on the side effect that only Yes is yes to legal punishments for pedophiles and sex offenders.

More than 100 convicts have seen their sentences reduced, thanks to the passing of a technical improvement law, compared to what the courts had imposed at the time. Over 100 victims of such predators who have gone through the trial are now seeing the process explode into their lives to fill them with helplessness and devastation. But the Secretary of State laughs off the joke as if it’s a minor matter, ignoring that the lawmaker has inadvertently left all these women in the norm feeling even more vulnerable.

Without correction or apology, Rodriguez resorted to the same mantra his department uses against any criticism it comes from: Everything is fascism, everything is manipulation, or everything is hunting. Manipulating feminists is a dangerous and irresponsible strategy. Fighting sexist violence is our top priority,” he said in a video posted on Twitter.

At this point, no one expected anyone in government to take responsibility for the loophole that the law left open for sex offenders to get leniency, but Irene Montero’s number two on the issue would be ironic and show that she isn’t. His level of responsibility already exceeds that of the head of the ministry. Also to the socialist ministers, who came out as ugly for Rodríguez’s behavior. And much more to the PSOE’s head of equality, Andrea Fernandez, who has been one of the most outspoken in demanding a fix. The person who is currently responsible for taking action on this matter is Pedro Sánchez.

It is no secret to reveal that La Moncloa is running out of patience with the behavior of those in charge of this ministry, that it has an anecdotal history of addictions and extravagant whims in its political actions, and that some ministers have already been. They passed a decree to end forced cohabitation with government coalition agreements.

Sánchez cannot, in fact, decide to remove the secretary of state, as this is the exclusive competence of the minister who appointed him, but he can fire the head of equality if he is not forced a second time within a reasonable time. Apologize and acknowledge the damage done. However, the excessive and collective calls for accountability that the Socialist ministers have coordinated against Rodríguez are a demonstration that, despite the body asking him to, the president of the government is not in the business of blowing up the government coalition, which is what he is. This will happen after Irene Montero leaves the Council of Ministers.

Too much noise for an election year. Or maybe it’s the excuse that Podemos is looking for to start a campaign in which, with or without Sumar, he will have to work hard to keep his electoral seat.

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