PSOE slams Secretary of State for Equality over his words to release abusers

The PSOE considers as unjustified the words of the number two for equality, Angela Rodríguez, in which she ironically criticized the release of sex offenders from prison, which was caused by the reduction of sentences, which followed only if there is a yes. Party leaders and even members of the government slammed the secretary of state this Thursday with statements they described as “utterly unfortunate” and inappropriate for the position she represents.

The origin of the controversy is a brief intervention between Rodríguez Pam and various experts on issues of equality, gender violence and feminism, such as Belen Diego, Marilyn dos Santos, Maria Naredo and Barbara Tardon in a conversation lasting more than an hour. The conversation is part of a podcast episode about feminism that Podemos broadcasts live and which is recorded with the public. The Secretary of State hosts the episode and this Monday, in one of the interventions he made to give way to debate on questions about the latest law, he said ironically: “From the creators of people who are going to change their gender on the registry every morning” comes: “street bullies”” . Thousands, waves, – continued one of the guests, who had already seriously continued to talk about the media alarm that had arisen around this issue.

“The words of the Secretary of State against equality and gender violence are unjustified. They are not up to the responsibilities that come with a position of such importance, especially at this time. It must be fixed,” PSOE equality secretary Andrea Fernandez asked on social media. A cascade of criticism also came from Socialist ministers such as Isabel Rodríguez, Pilar Llop or Reyes Marotto. “It is something very serious. In no case can it be pointless”, said the Minister of Justice, who does not hide his discomfort.

As a result of this criticism, the Secretary of State posted a video on social media to defend himself against the accusations leveled against him in recent hours. The leader of Podemos also claims that his words were taken out of context and the background of what he tried to explain in the conversation in which he was accompanied by various experts on equality and feminism was the need to end them. It is necessary for sexists of violence that “aggressors go to prison”, but it is also necessary to “accompany the victims” and the set of policies that his ministry has included in the law.

“Feminists are used to having most of our work reduced to hoaxes, fake news, and news distortion manipulations,” Rodriguez’s Pam began. “This case uses a podcast excerpt in which he explained that in order to end violence, we need to jail the aggressors, but also accompany the victims,” ​​he said.

Rodriguez’s Pam denied, as she was reprimanded, that she was reckless with the release of the aggressors. “It’s not fun. Frivolizing is running a campaign online saying the aggressors have won the lottery [con la ley del ‘solo sí es sí]; Manipulation means women are responsible for the violence they experience; Disdain to fight is to be compared to the naysayers either on set in prime time or sitting on government boards so they can stay on those same boards. Manipulating feminists is a dangerous and irresponsible strategy. The fight against sexist violence is our priority,” the statement said.

In the socialist part of the executive power, they do not understand, although neither the tone used nor the content of his words. “These are very difficult weeks for something as serious as gender-based violence, as well as something related to sexual violence, which is something that concerns us all as a society. Therefore, I believe that this is an issue that should not be trivialized, and I understand that these are very sad statements,” said Isabel Rodríguez, the spokesperson of the minister.

Along the same lines, the Minister of Industry and Madrid mayoral candidate of the PSOE, Reyes Maroto, assured that “it cannot be ironic” and that, in his opinion, “there was a context in the meeting in which it was discussed, of course the tone was not of the State Secretary”.

The opposition also quickly came out as ugly two words of Irene Montero’s number, for which they demand political responsibility. The leader of the PP, Alberto Nunes Feijoo, asked the Prime Minister to remove Angela Rodríguez. The president of Ciudadanos, Ines Arimadas, called for his resignation, and criticism even extended to some members of the executive parliament. “It is quite a serious matter to try to keep the peace,” Joan Baldovi, spokesperson for the Compromise, answered journalists’ questions.

Source: El Diario





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