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Feijo reinstates Borja Semper as the speaker of the PP electoral committee

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, has corrected Borja Semper, who has been one of the referents of the party in Euskadi for 25 years, for active politics. A former PP representative in the Basque parliament is returning after three years on the front line to be the face of the party ahead of the campaign for municipal and regional elections in May 2023. Semper joins former Santander mayor Inigo de la Serna. , who also returns to politics as program coordinator for the same election in the team that will lead Number three From Feiyoo, Elias Bendodo.

“Thank you for returning to politics,” assured Fayo Semper in a brief presentation to journalists before the first press conference. The PP leader praised the new speaker’s “calm and firm speech” and pointed to his Basque background: “He grew up where there is still a lot of radicalism.”

Semper assured that with his speaker he does not want to “contribute to more noise” and that Feijo “asked for the opposite: moderation and centrality, where others only offer decibels”, to put forward “proposals against insults”. The new spokesman explained that he and his family were making “sacrifices” by returning to the front line. “But I could not refuse to pursue an alternative to the current government,” he assured.

“I’m coming back with enthusiasm,” said Semper, who defended the “moderation and centrality” project. The new speaker, who left the first political line in 2020, has avoided taking a position on governing with the far right. “They know what I think about the rest, as well as Vox,” he began after being asked about possible post-election coalitions. “We will feel comfortable in governance with a strong, stable and solid government. Our goal is to not need any power. To think anything other than that it is a mistake is contrary to the truth,” he noted.

Specifically, regarding the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, he assured that the two had “been in a relationship since they were 17 years old” and during that time they had “seen everything”. “We have a bombastic personal relationship and I will continue to maintain it,” he added. “Now what he represents is not what I want for my country. We have come not to confront the opposition or commentators from other parties. We came to change something,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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