PSOE appeals case files on alleged businessmen’s donations to PP in return for rewards.

The PSOE appealed to the National Court’s Criminal Chamber a temporary file of the work known as “finalist commissions” stemming from the Gürtel case, which investigated alleged donations from businessmen in return for the awarding of public jobs to the PP.

As he advanced Country And legal sources confirmed to Europa Press that the Socialists appealed the decision of the head of the 5th Central Instructional Court, Santiago Pedraz, to close the case, considering that the crime was not properly substantiated that gave rise to it.

The magistrate agreed to the temporary release last December after the anti-corruption watchdog requested the case after receiving a recent report from the General Intervention of State Administration (IGAE), which found no irregularities in the awarding process.

The case, known as the “finalist commissions”, was launched by judge Pablo Ruiz in 2013, but he closed it after two years when he saw no other criminal evidence, except for the payment of the reform of the “popular” headquarters in Genoa. Funds without books. However, what the leader of Gurtel, Francisco Correa, revealed during the trial of the first period of the corruption conspiracy allowed it to be reactivated.

Former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, who had previously denied it, admitted in a letter to the anti-corruption prosecutor that some of the donations were intended for rewards. In his statement of July 16, 2021, before Pedraz, he directly implicated all the PP Ministers of Public Works and Environment, saying that they were dealing with businessmen who contributed to this alleged informal accounting.

He recounted a specific episode that his predecessor in the PP treasury, the late Alvaro Lapuerta, would have relayed to him in his time. According to Barcenas, Lapuerta went to the Director General of State Highways and was reprimanded by the then minister, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, who indicated that he should always contact him about such matters.

The former “popular” treasurer’s statement was the last statement before Pedras ends the investigation phase on July 29, 2021. Since then, the judge is awaiting the latest report from the IGAE to decide the future of the cause.

Source: El Diario

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