According to CIS, PSOE is two points ahead of PP this year

PSOE is still in the lead, but closes the year with bad news, according to the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). The Socialists have lost more than half their lead over the PP in a month, trailing by just two points after making a comeback in recent weeks.

The CIS barometer for the month of December, published this Wednesday, also shows that Unidas Podemos maintains third place and that Vox has slowed its recovery and remains in the same figures as in November.

The last poll of the year shows a fixed picture for 2023, when a general election is expected in November. According to CIS estimates, if they vote now, PSOE will win this election with 30.6% of the vote. But this detail leaves bad news for socialists.

Pedro Sánchez’s party was tied for two months in a row. In recent weeks, which have been marked by controversy over reform of sedition and embezzlement crimes, the CIS has dropped two points. The fieldwork, which ended on December 14, does not include the possible impact of the institutional crisis resulting from the paralysis of the unblocking reform of the Constitutional Court.

The PP is benefiting from the fall of the PSOE and with its increase compared to November – it goes from 27.2% to 28.6 – manages to narrow again the distance that widened to 5.5 points a month ago. Now both sides are separated by only two points.

In third place is Unidas Podemos, which held the position for months after briefly losing it to Vox. Shartavi has two-tenths of the votes compared to November, and if elections were held tomorrow, it would receive 12.4% of the votes according to the CIS.

Vox, for its part, halted a comeback that began a month ago. Compared to the latest barometer, the extreme right adds only a tenth and remains estimated at 10.2% of the vote. Santiago Abascal’s party recently hit an all-time low in October, when it bottomed out at 8.8%. Finally, Ciudadanos fluctuates again, now adding four tenths and standing at 2.9% of voting intentions.

Feyio overtook Sanchez

The evaluation of the leaders also brings bad news for the PSOE. Pedro Sánchez loses his second place to Alberto Núñez-Feijó in December. The president of the government has 4.28, and the leader of the PP has 4.39. Above both is Second Vice President and Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz, who scores 4.82.

In fourth place is Más País leader Íñigo Errejón with 4.14, followed by Ciudadanos president Inés Arimadas (3.48) and Vox leader Santiago Abascal (2.90) closes the table for another month.

Source: El Diario





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