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The PP is now asking for a suspension of the vote in the Senate to give the Constitutional Court time to unblock the paralyze.

In a new attempt to maintain the blockade on the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the People’s Party requested this Friday to suspend the vote in the Senate on the reform to unblock the judiciary, which is scheduled for Thursday next week. The legal modification has already passed the filter of the Congress of Deputies, but still needs to pass through the upper house for final approval. And that’s what conservatives want to avoid.

In its letter, the PP considers the urgent processing of this reform to be a “fraud” and ensures that it “does not collect the relevant reports” from the General Council of the Court, the Fiscal Council and the Council of State. Alberto Núñez Feijoo’s party calls for debate and “in-depth study with respect for all parliamentary groups and sectors involved”.

“It is incomprehensible that such an important reform to protect our constitutional order is so urgent that it prevents its processing according to the usual timelines.” “Any decision that affects the essential elements of our rule of law and constitutional order criminal defense system requires debate,” the conservatives said.

The move represents a new attempt by the PP to push for legal reform, with the government seeking to reduce the majority of constitutional court members from being elected and to prevent vetting requirements for new magistrates. And in this way, the blockade of the judiciary will end, resulting in a conservative majority of the guarantee court, which does not correspond to the one that came out of the election. Constitutional is the body that will soon have to decide on such sensitive issues as abortion, euthanasia or education reform.

The request of Núñez Feijóo’s party comes at a time when the other way used by the formation to stop the processing of this reform is still not expected: the appeal of protection in the constitutional itself. The bail court was due to meet on Monday to hear the appeal, but it postponed a decision until Thursday, leaving the way open for a vote in Congress.

What is still to be solved is a very preventive measure, in which the essence of the issue is not discussed in detail, but the immediate consequences of doing nothing: whether the situation can be irreversible, or whether the process is paralyzed or not, as resources. PP and Vox on request. And all this, moreover, without giving an audience to the parties involved.

The progressive sector, currently in a five-to-six minority, is confident it will be able to defend on Monday that the emergency suspension demanded by the right should not be used and therefore allow a Senate vote, which the PP is also seeking. With this letter to stop. And at least part and the majority of the conservative sector defends the abolition of the procedure. But both blocs of the court are just one vote away from deciding the next reform, which directly affects the constitution itself, whose mandate has been running out for months.

The outcome of this plenary session determines the convening of the plenary session of the Senate. If the Constitutional Court stops the processing of the norm too preemptively, the analyzed changes should disappear from the agenda. Unless the President and the Council decide to ignore the constitutional resolution. If the court ultimately rejects the measures proposed by PP and Vox, the reform will go into the official state gazette and members of the judiciary will have the opportunity to break the deadlock by renewing the guarantee court.

Unidas Podemos is asking the Constitutional Court to suspend Monday’s plenary session

Unidas Podemos submitted a letter to the Constitutional Court asking for the suspension of the plenary session that the judges plan to hold on Monday to analyze the PP’s complaint. The Confederate group understands that this resource has been wasted and that the Conservative formation did not include any other request for a preventive stay of the legal process. “It is clear that the appeal remained without purpose, and therefore the TC has nothing to decide,” sources from the political space claim.

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