Anti-corruption asks PP for the final case of Box B case

Anti-corruption prosecutors have asked Judge Santiago Pedraz to finally archive the Popular Party’s Box B case, which was reopened following new indications that major construction companies in the country received rewards in exchange for depositing black money. In the party, they told legal sources.

The prosecutor of the case, Antonio Romeral, presented last Friday at the 5th investigative court of the National Court a proposal to archive the line of inquiry on the alleged bribery. Romeral took the decision after hearing the General Intervention of State Administration (IGAE) report submitted by this body one year late. In it, IGAE technicians rule out violations in the signing of questionable contracts.

In the above report, the IGAE contradicts the interim findings of the police, the investigating magistrate and other previous letters of intervention by the State-General itself. After the anti-corruption case was filed, the decision now rests with the judge in charge of the case, Santiago Pedraz.

Clues since the start of the Box B case in 2013 have led to the indictment of about twenty of the country’s top businessmen, but an inability to demonstrate that the money provided to the PP was in exchange for concessions. Specific work has prevented bribery charges from flourishing. The then-instructor, Pablo Ruiz, archived the line of inquiry into bribery of businessmen in 2015.

Having allocated the remainder from box B, the next judge in the case, José de la Mata, opened an oral trial for the work carried out in Genoa with the money from box B. The hearing was held in 2021 and the National Court. Sentenced to another two years in prison for Bárcenas and PP as a civil liability for non-payment of corporate tax in 2007 by the company that carried out the works. For the third time, according to the court’s decision, irregular financing of PP is accredited.

Meanwhile, a line of inquiry that pointed to businessmen and possible bribery was reopened in 2017, following the statement of Francisco Correa in Gurtel’s first major trial. Correa assured the court that the great work done in Spain under Aznar’s government took a 3% bite for the People’s Party. De la Mata called Correa to testify about his ratification, but when he showed up, Gurtel’s boss backed out again.

Inspector Morocho’s impulse

However, things changed again in November 2020. The Gürtel and Caja B police investigator, Chief Inspector Manuel Morocho, presented the judge with a report in which he compiled a ten-year investigation and cross-referenced this information with revelations from other cases. on PP’s corruption. The result was new evidence that allowed us to conclude that not all contributions in Box B of the PP were made by major builders to keep the party in good standing, but some were made in exchange for receiving specific contracts from the administration. .

As a result of this report, Judge Pedraz requested 23 contracts from seven of Aznar’s ministries to the construction company of Alfonso García-Pozuelo, convicted in Gurtel. It was about more than 600 million of public money that left the departments of Rato, Alvarez-Casco, Montoro and Trillo and others. The police came to find cost overruns in 80% of the 23 decisions analyzed. For his part, Luis Barcenas assured the court that he and Alvaro Lapuerta acted as a kind of “lobby” between businessmen and ministers, mainly in matters of development and environmental protection. In its 97-page report, State Intervention excludes violations in the decision-making process, indicating that they occurred in exchange for bribes.

Source: El Diario





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