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Feijo and Ayuso are giving themselves another year of “tyrant” Sanchez at Moncloa

Madrid’s Ponzano street has become one of the symbols of Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s empire in Madrid. A trip to the traditional area of ​​Chambery has been lost for residents and won for terraces and expensive gastrobars that only a fraction of the population, the least numerous, can afford. The microcosm of trendy Madrid and Cayetano That this Monday they met at the sports center of the municipality of Alcobendas to celebrate the Christmas dinner of the party led by the president of the region.

“The first supper,” in the words of Ayuso, for whom it all began. Absolutely full, 40 euros per cover (when they used to charge 25), to attend the second one Agreement Against the PP coalition government. The tone of the explosions left behind the attacks on Pedro Sánchez’s lack of “legitimacy” launched at him by the now much-forgotten Pablo Casado. This Monday, Ayuso called him a “tyrant” outright.

And he called for a “revolution at the polls.” And the citizens of Madrid united against the government. Ayuso, who has always attacked the “collectivization” that the left has always shown for workers, women and youth, asked the audience of thousands for social mobilization in workplaces, bars and schools. From parents who want to improve their children’s “school” to “judges and prosecutors”.

“When they ask me, what does Feiyo do? I say to them, “And what are you doing?” If you complain about a situation of deep injustice or if you don’t like the school, you should report it. And if you are a judge or a prosecutor, you must express it. And if you’re a rector who doesn’t want to Podemite He puts himself at the head of the university, come out and condemn him,” said Ayuso, who appealed to the mobilization of “civil society”. He even regrets that in recent decades there has been a “certain welfare state” in Spain. “Sanchez broke the deck. This is real and faithful Spain, every day in columns, networks, talking to neighbors, from their work. Puro 15M, which travels to Madrid from Sol to Ponzano.

The president of the Madrid PP opened fire and thanked its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, for attending such a special meeting. Leader. “I will never forget that Feijo was at that first dinner,” the president said, to ensure that his PP, which has governed Madrid society without interruption since 1995, is “a project that starts from scratch.”

Ayuso took the usual time for Madrid, which he usually spends talking about the region he has been in charge of since 2019. His job is Pedro Sánchez, the “tyrant” who they will not try to oust until the end of the term. The regional leader threw a cap at his leader when he defended Feijo’s refusal to vote of no confidence, as Vox or Ciudadanos claimed for the PP leader.

Because even though “2023 will see incredible things without embarrassment.” Although “if the PP doesn’t fix it, 2023 will be the last chapter of the book we started writing in 1978,” referring to the constitution that was approved the same year he was born. And while everything will lead to “a 2024 full of referendums or illegal consultations, which are already worried that they will appear legally”, there is no vote of no confidence.

“It’s not a good decision to give illegitimate endorsements in Congress,” Ayuso said, referring to Sánchez. “Don’t worry,” he said. “There are five months left before the first stop [las autonómicas] And then expelled from all state institutions,” he concluded. The country has been in the hands of a tyrant for a total of 12 months.

“Either us or Sanchez”

Feijo was also his first Christmas dinner as PP national president. The leader was very grateful to allow him to attend, although, as he recalled, next year Madrid will be the first in the list of generals.

“Only the family is invited to the Christmas dinner,” he said, although the PP family is still recovering from the break between Ayuso and Casado, which was only rumored in some groups as an indication of who left, don’t come back.

Without mentioning his predecessor, whose untimely departure was crucial to the Galician’s rise, Feijo established a history of “parallel life” with Ayuso. He again suggested the “army” and bought that the “beginning” was in April and May of this year, when both had exalted conventions. “The easiest thing is that he does not take a step and I stay with the apostle. Neither he nor I like the simplest things, “he noted.

Regarding Cenzi’s motion, there is nothing new in Feijoo’s speech. “We are not talking about 350 votes in the ballot box [en referencia a los diputados], we want all Spanish adults to vote throughout Spain. That’s where the motion for censorship comes in,” he said. “It’s like playing the lottery with a number you know you won’t touch,” he argued. “Pedro Sánchez marks every vote against the PP,” he added. “I have to explain well: either us or Sanchez. He knows that the more votes he splits, the better chance he has of governing with independents and the less chance the center-right has of restoring Spain. That’s why she feeds him,” he settled.

Feijo shouted to “Vote them with a V to kick them out with a B.” “It is important that the Spanish get their say, the Spanish vote now, or there will be a referendum in Catalonia next year. Don’t we all have the right to decide? We don’t have the right to decide that Mr. Otegu leads the Spanish government?” he added, calling the legal reforms currently underway in the Cortes Generales as “political garbage”.

After the speeches, a short conversation at the president’s table. Feiyo and Ayuso, shoulder to shoulder. To the right of the president, the Galician strongman in the territories, Miguel Tellado. in front Number threeElias Bendodo. With desserts strewn around the tables and a few glasses of sparkling wine clinking, the national leaders left the pavilion and Ayuso plunged into a mass bath among his fighters. Authentic leitmotif for attendees at night.

Source: El Diario





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