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Three more envelopes with animal eyes were intercepted at the Ukrainian embassy and consulates in Barcelona and Malaga.

The National Police has once again approved a new shipment of envelopes with animal eyes for the Ukrainian diplomatic offices in Spain. In this case, in addition to the embassy of the invaded country in Russia, according to police sources, another shipment to the consulate in Barcelona and Malaga.

It was this Monday morning when the three suspicious envelopes were discovered and intercepted by the Post Office’s security systems. The police ruled out the presence of explosive or explosive substances, confirming that what they contained were animal eyes.

Last week, envelopes with animal eyes were posted at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid and other diplomatic offices in that country.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleg Nikolenko, confirmed the seizure of these three envelopes, counting 21 cases in which this type of threat was sent to diplomatic offices in 12 countries.

In this context, Nikolenko noted that Ukrainian diplomats should not be intimidated or discouraged by these threats. “We will continue to work effectively to protect Ukraine from the enemy and our victory,” he said.

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