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The packages of pyrotechnic material were sent from Valladolid by someone who has not yet been identified

The Commissioner of General tion concluded that five shipments of pyrotechnic materials to the Ukrainian embassy and other public institutions, as well as an arms company, were made from Valladolid, although the author is still unknown. In a report sent to the National Court on Friday afternoon, agents claim that all the shipments “appear to be consistent with the same origin”, although they have not yet made progress in identifying the author or authors, tax sources said.

The National Police intercepted a “shipment of pyrotechnic material” aimed at the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, at the Moncloa Palace on November 24. This would have been the first of the above five shipments, however this shipment went unnoticed and came to the attention of the national court before the other shipments became known.

The first package to be detected was received at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid on Wednesday, causing minor injuries to an official. There was a second one at Instalaza, a Zaragoza arms company, and later a second one at Torrejon de Ardoz Air Base (Madrid). The latter shipment was directed to a satellite center.

A fourth package of pyrotechnic material was detected by a US Embassy filter on Thursday, and the Defense Department announced a fifth device that morning. According to the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Perez, the security control discovered the inflammatory letter that contained a device different from the others.

Yesterday, Friday, the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid received another suspicious package, but this time it did not contain a pyrotechnic device, but a broken eye of an animal and its blood. Investigators are linking this latest shipment to other Ukrainian diplomatic headquarters from a foreign country and separate it from the pyrotechnic devices investigated by the national court.

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