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The Supreme Court will overturn calls for 2,500 National Police posts to exclude applicants with intraocular lenses.

The Supreme Court canceled the announcement of applicants for 2456 posts of the National Police. The reason is that the Director General of Police did not meet the prescribed requirements by the Supreme Court itself a year agoWhen it was forbidden to exclude students who had intraocular or phakic lenses.

The call was posted a few weeks ago in the state official gazette. There are a total of 2,456 seats for students in the National Police School, of which 491 are reserved for soldiers with five years of service. The solicitation specifies in one final section that “phakic lenses are not accepted” and medical exclusions include “any type of intraocular surgery.”

What, the Supreme Court reminded, the judges had blocked a year ago in the form of a restraining order, which, it was now understood by the trial court, the Directorate General of Police did not attempt to honor. “There is no doubt that the resolution of the Director General of Police is against it The car you agreed to “The preventive suspension of the Royal Decree 326/2021, by virtue of which the implantation of intraocular bodies and phakic lenses is a reason that prevents entry into the National Police,” he recalls.

Those rules, the judges said, are “suspended and inapplicable,” so this notice of objection includes requirements that cannot be enforced. In addition, “it causes confusion and shows a lack of transparency regarding the conditions that must be met by those who aspire to participate in the said opposition,” criticized the judges.

The result is that the call for nearly 2,500 places to enter the Avila school has been canceled and now the DGP will have to make a fresh one, but to resolve the dispute over these two clauses. The judges upheld the applicant’s appeal and, in addition, ordered the administration to pay costs of 500 euros.

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