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Sánchez chooses former minister Juan Carlos Campo and former Montcloa official Laura Diez to renew the constitution.

Pedro Sánchez has chosen Juan Carlos Campo, former Minister of Justice, and Laura Diez, former director general of Moncloa, as the two magistrates responsible for the proposal to the Constitutional Court. According to what El Pais promoted And confirmed by The Council of Ministers is expected to make the appointments on Tuesday.

The Constitutional Court consists of 12 magistrates. The mandate of four of them expired on June 12, and their renewal corresponds to both the executive branch, which must nominate two candidates, and the General Council of the Judiciary, which must nominate two more candidates. So far, the government has decided not to name a candidate until the court makes its own proposal.

Pedro Sánchez chose Campo as Minister of Justice in January 2020. In December 2019, the General Council of the Court granted him a position in the Third Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, a position which he did not achieve until his departure. from the Ministry and the Union in September 2021. A judge since 1987, Juan Carlos Campo entered politics after ten years in the Andalusian Junta and in 2001 was appointed a member of the General Council of the Judiciary.

Laura Diez Since January 2020, he has been Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona, ​​a center in which he has held several senior positions, having worked as a teacher in the field of law since 1992. Outside the university, he was the General Director of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Coordination of the Ministry of the President in 2020-2022, and was also previously the Director of the Office of the Secretary of State for the Ministry of the President’s Relations with the Courts. in 2018 and 2020. Before that, between 2002 and 2004, he was an advisor to the Generalitat for the reform of the Statute of Catalonia and is currently the Vice-President of the Council of Statutory Guarantees of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Update blocked in CGPJ

The Constitutional Court has four members whose mandates expired last June, two appointed by Mariano Rajoy’s government and two appointed by the General Council of the Judiciary. They are President Pedro González-Trevijano, Vice President Juan Antonio Xioli, and Magistrates Santiago Martínez-Varez and Antonio Narváez. Three of them are from the conservative sector considered by the Court of Guarantee, and their renewal is key to changing the correlation of forces in the plenary session and having a progressive majority.

It is an update that has been partially blocked for the time being by a section of the conservative sector of the CGPJ itself, whose mandate is almost four years behind the legal obligation to appoint its candidate where the progressive sector has already imposed. A table in the name of Supreme Court Justice José Manuel Bandres to enter the Constitutional Court. Members have expressed their “absolute desire” to close those appointments on December 22, almost a month away, although the first meeting of the negotiating committee is tomorrow.

For months, the executive has been confident that it will be able to renew the two respective magistrates on its own, while the CGPJ continues to nominate two candidates. The bail court is waiting for the renewal at a time when it has several major issues pending resolution, including a complaint filed by the PP against the abortion law more than a decade ago.

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