Feijóo’s PP sees no “threat” from the mayor of Marbella when he says he will condemn elDiario.es if it publishes information about him.

“There are media outlets and journalists who highlight what they want to say, sign and write themselves. This phrase was uttered by the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijo, last Saturday during a rally against the abolition of the rebellion. But his party leadership is backing Marbella Mayor Ángeles Muñoz, who has threatened to sue elDiario.es over an investigation that revealed his wife and grandson’s ties to a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and mass growth. The property of the mayor, which he himself places in the declaration of the state of property in the Senate, is more than 12 million euros.

The General Coordinator of the PP, Elias Bendodo, reiterated in a press conference this Monday at the Calle Génova headquarters in Madrid that the government is “pointing out” to journalists. Regarding the notarial request sent by Ángeles Muñoz to elDiario.es, in which he stated that he would cancel the information referred to him and threatened to file a lawsuit for disclosure of secrets, Number three De Feijo defended his party partner, whom he led for many years as the PP provincial president of Malaga.

“It is normal for any political leader to request or deny information by asking for clarification,” Bendodo said. “This is what I know has been done, I have not seen the threat, it is far from it,” he concluded.

But the reality is completely different. Ángeles Muñoz sent a request to elDiario.es, in which he allegedly acted on behalf of the City Council, which he presides over, asking this media to provide information and documentation that confirms all the information published to date, as well as to declare the source through which it came..

If no, Muñoz threatened elDiario.es By filing a complaint for the crime of whistleblowing, which is punishable by two to five years in prison.

The emails that formed the basis of the Marbella city council’s alleged favorable treatment of Muñoz’s relatives, as detailed in the information, are included in a complaint the Marbella PSOE filed in 2017 before the anti-corruption court. Corruption prosecutor. The specialized body forwarded the aforementioned complaint to the Malaga Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, which in turn forwarded it to the Marbella District Prosecutor, Julio Martínez-Carazo. He assumed that Falsian doctrine The Supreme Court admitted the evidence of the letters and examined their contents. Finally, he opened the investigative process by decree, which was reported in detail by elDiario.es. In some cases, the prosecutor is accused of a lack of evidence, and in some cases, due to the statute of limitations.

Source: El Diario





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