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PSOE reminds Podemos that it has a “majority” and defends that the “legal security” of the trans law should be strengthened.

A new clash in the coalition for the trans law, which is one of the most heated positions between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos. The Socialist leadership maintains the changes it proposed to the norm promoted by the Ministry of Equality, reminding Podemos that “it has the majority in the chamber” to implement the norms. In doing so, the Socialists are showing their strong bipartisan position to defend the changes they want to enact in trans law, especially those dealing with minors’ gender reassignment. The PSOE believes that people between the ages of 14 and 16 who wish to change their registered gender must do so with the permission of a court.

Finance Minister and PSOE deputy general secretary María Jesus Montero was responsible for her equality counterpart, Irene Montero, who warned there was no deal with the PSOE and reprimanded Sánchez for trying. Pushing changes to the norm with the PP, an extreme that the Socialist has not confirmed. The Treasury chief defended the rule as a “conquest of rights” for the LGTBI collective, but also an opportunity for groups to propose changes to Congress.

It was then that he remembered that the PSOE has a majority position in Congress to implement legislative projects. Next, he chose to give “legal security” to the trans law, which applies to minors.

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