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Sánchez defends “Iberian socialism” to the right before Costa

The president of the government and the secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, called this Saturday for the Iberian Peninsula to become the largest supplier of green hydrogen, which he believes is a “winning bet” for both Spain and Portugal.

At a round table on energy policy with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa on the sidelines of the XXVI Congress of the Socialist International in Madrid, Sánchez called for this “Iberian utopia.”

Thus, he expressed that turning the Iberian Peninsula “for the first time” into an exporting power of “cheap and sovereign clean” energy, and that this is in line with the goals of combating climate change, is something “worth working for”. .

Both leaders also defended the so-called “Iberian solution” to disconnect the price of gas from electricity, and Sánchez confirmed that when they negotiated the measure with other European leaders, it was very difficult for them to understand that, as he reported, it was not a subsidy for gas, but for renewables. Commitment to energies that dominate the energy mix of Spain and Portugal.

In this sense, Sánchez pointed out that the socialist parties of Spain and Portugal have included the environmental cause in their values ​​”the extreme right who do not believe in climate change and the right who say it exists but it does.” as if it didn’t exist.”

Thus, he pointed out that the big difference with the right-wing forces and “the main value of Iberian socialism” is that they are able to give new answers to new challenges and “are flexible enough to adapt their political ideas and continue. “Electoral competitiveness” and there are still “ideological references” that “go beyond the borders of the EU”, he added.

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