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The rude party tries to boycott parliamentary life to hide its weakness

It has been commented in politics these days that it would be difficult for Congress to focus on the World Cup, especially on days when the Spanish national team made its debut in the tournament. Every goal that Luis Enrique’s men scored against Costa Rica confirmed that prediction. Even the PP leadership admitted this with a melancholy look to its campaign against sedition reform: “Spain will not agree in a few months.”

The World Cup, Pilar Bridge and Christmas form a powerful triad against which political wars can do little.

A lot of verbal abuse from the opposition to agree to the legislature, all that changed on Wednesday with Vox Rep. Carla Toscano’s abuse of Irene Montero. The far-right party saw its opportunity and doubled down on Thursday with more clever provocations. Since we are in the days of football, it can be said that they devoted themselves to kicking the center of the field and then provoking the player who fell to the ground.

Vox has been shut down for several months due to the failure of Andalusia, the polls and the fear of Macarena Olona. Toscano’s vulgarity convinced him of the advantages of continuing this line. His deputy, Victor Sánchez del Real, took the podium to run the show. With much noise and imitation voices, he had no other intention than to soil the benches and pay respect to his party partner, of whom he said that “one member of the Vox has more valor (sic), more courage, more courage than the whole. Congress table and that all Left MPs”.

The RAE defines “manliness” as “a good and distinguished quality in a person, especially integrity or courage”. The biggest compliment Vox can give a woman is that she can look like a man.

“Being a socialist is a necessary condition for being a Nazi,” he said, also with the clear intention of taking part in another scandal. He even took off his jacket to show that “you don’t need shirts in the face of communism.” Or to make it clear that he doesn’t carry a gun. That’s a relief, given that Vox wants to outlaw several parties with parliamentary representation because it says they are enemies from Spain.

The MP also had a message with an offensive phrase for the PP, but it was so delusional that it might not be taken into account. “Woe to the lukewarm, we know your affairs, neither cold nor hot, as in a date, you burn your mouth.” You hear this on the street and call the Samuri social worker to take care of that poor man. Or you walk away because he still makes you vomit.

The quote is from the Apocalypse, which he has already used at another time People from your party. Vox seems to be obsessed with the Apocalypse, that book of the Bible that those who have lost their minds like to quote.

The accusation of Sánchez del Real in the popular party is not very fair, because the party of Feijoo can say that they also have the experience of insulting Irene Montero. For example, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Pablo Casado or Rafael Hernando did it in terms similar to Toscano, which Cuca Gamarra forgot when he said the other day. “No one has the right to insult him (of Montero) and enter his personal life.”

On the contrary, the mayor of Madrid is more of a schoolboy He would do something He claims that Montero himself is ultimately responsible for these attacks, because “he who sows the winds reaps the storm.” For the same reason one can justify the insults he receives because of his management, and which everyone knows. It would most likely be wrong for him. Those who do not mind insulting others lose grace when they or their favorite politicians are insulted.

Behind all the spectacle that would have some people believe that what is happening in Congress is much worse than what is happening on the street, Thursday’s plenary session had time to work. A long time, actually. The continuous session made it possible to approve the state budget, discuss and approve the imposition of special taxes on energy companies and banks, and hold the first debate on the reform of the crime of sedition. Their lordships worked so hard that their asses must have been flat after a session of more than twelve hours.

The government passed the budget by 187 votes in line with the support of public accounts in the legislature. The horror of a Frankenstein government, the differences between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, a country collapsing with no one to rule, has once again been belied by the facts.

Insults leave a painful impression on parliamentary work. There is a perverse effect of eventually demeaning everyone, even if not equally, when the flame of an incendiary device appeals to certain groups. The presidency and the congressional council — that’s what various groups in the House were demanding — had to do something. His only alternative is to use his authority to prevent abuse or MPs from talking about matters that have nothing to do with his reason for being on the platform.

The obvious risk is that interviewees accuse the president of bias. As in school, someone will say that another has started. It’s up to Congress to decide whether parties like Vox, which are interested in blowing up the debate, will be allowed to do so every plenary session. So don’t complain if people don’t respect politicians.

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