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Congress greenlights 2023 budgets with big majorities

The government re-issued a comfortable majority to Congress to give the green light to the 2023 general state budget. For the third year in a row, the coalition is approaching 190. yes it is on the public accounts, which will now be sent to the Senate for further processing before final approval. Backbenchers from the Coalition gave a long standing ovation after the vote, which took place after a debate marred by Vox’s macho insults to Equality Minister Irene Montero.

The atmosphere was heated by the right, which coincided with the reduction of sentences for pedophiles and abusers, based on the interpretation of some judges. The law is only yes is yes and inclusion Macroplenum To reform the Penal Code so as to reduce the penalty for sedition and replace that crime with one of aggravated disorder. By the way, accusations of “giving in” to the independents or returning to the “prisoner exchange in the budget” were raising the tone. Conservative MP Victor Piriz has launched a personal attack on Equality Minister Irene Montero, calling her “useless and arrogant”. At that time, ERC spokesperson Gabriel Ruffian came to his defense.

Accustomed to the disqualification and risk of the entire legislature, the sessions sometimes continued in a somber atmosphere. Before the head of equality came. It was then that far-right deputy Carla Toscano accused the minister of “liberating the violent”. “The only credit you have is to study Pablo Iglesias in depth,” he said. The first vice president of Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, announced that he would remove these words from the session journal.

“I want to demand that the political violence that is happening in the seat of the people’s sovereignty at this moment, be included in the diary of the session, that it is not deleted, that none of them follow me, so that everyone remembers the political violence. And who is doing it and so that it is known that we feminists and democrats are outnumbered and we are going to stop this group of fascists with more rights,” the United We Can leader responded sternly.

The last session of the budget debate was dominated by the issue, much to the chagrin of United We Can and other PSOE allies, who are demanding that the congress president take action on the issue, while the far-right has recently maintained a tough tone. Five hours of parliamentary discussion before it was time for a lengthy vote, first on hundreds of amendments and then on opinions.

Almost three hours of silence, behind the orders of the leadership of the parliamentary group, MPs with the expected end result: a large majority to carry out next year’s budgets, where investments are at an all-time high and social spending is set at 266,700 million euros. . “They want noise and fury to overshadow the government’s political action,” lamented Finance Minister and PSOE Deputy General Secretary María Jesús Montero about the situation in the Chamber the night before.

Most of the expanded investment is consolidated

Despite initial pressure on issues such as increased military spending or the blockade of the housing law, the coalition manages to consolidate support for the budget, which goes beyond the usual allies by uniting the coalition of the Canary Islands and repeating the “yes” of the ERC and EH Bildu, which abstained during the investment of Pedro Sánchez . Moncloa managed to redirect his relationship with the Catalan republicans after overcoming the spying scandal with Pegasus six months ago and regained those thirteen votes.

However, Ruffian’s final “yes” is the one that has been waiting the longest and came when the government already had enough support and reached agreements with the minority groups, PNV, PDeCAT or EH Bildu, which guarantee it. Necessary (and absolute) majority.

“Whatever it hurts them, from Euskal Herria Bildu we reaffirm that although we are a small force, our five voices are once again decisive for improving the lives of Basque men and women, through solidarity and class consciousness.” as well as the rest of the state and cities”, said the speaker Mertke Aizpurua on Thursday. Among the deals reached are an extension of the 2% cap on rental income renewals through 2023 and a 15% rise in unearned pensions.

However, the right used a pact with the left Abertzale Encouraging the PSOE under the false premise that this means expelling the Civil Guard of Navarre in order to hand over the road authority, which José María Aznár had already committed to in 2000. Together with EH Bildu, they consider the damage they can do amortized and use these five votes to push initiatives in front of a very fragmented parliament.

Adopting this procedure in Congress, by 186 to 188 votes – except for some sections that had even greater support, such as the royal house chapter with 250. yes it is Because it is also supported by the PP – the government further paves the way for the approval of its third budget, which allows Pedro Sánchez’s mandate to end in December 2023, despite tensions in the coalition growing as the elections approach.

“I understand that the opposition wants to disintegrate and sink Spain; But Spain is not sinking,” Sánchez said Wednesday. “No matter how much they talk about instability, we are going to approve the third budget on time and consistently.” Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz also took the opportunity to send a message in that direction: The most stable coalition government”.

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