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The Polish court extended the imprisonment of journalist Pablo Gonzalez for another three months

Polish courts have decided to extend the temporary detention of Spanish journalist Pablo Gonzalez, who has been in custody since February of this year, accused by Poland of spying for Russia in conflict zones, for another three months. Evidence they claim to have against him. “The court has decided to extend the detention for another three months,” a court spokesman told EFE, adding that the reason for the decision is confidential and will only be communicated to the parties.

Pablo Gonzalez Yague (Moscow, 1982) was arrested in Poland, 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, in February of this year. In a statement, Poland’s Internal Security Agency said the journalist was an agent of the Russian Armed Forces’ military intelligence service who used his “journalistic status” to travel to conflict zones while allegedly spying for Russia.

That statement which No longer available Via the ABW website, he pointed to “numerous pieces of evidence” that Polish investigators had against Gonzalez that had not yet come to light. After the arrest, the authorities of this country decided to extend the detention several times, the last in August.

Source: El Diario





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