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Vox seeks protection for silent protest in European Parliament as he torches congressman who attacked Irene Montero

In Madrid, they set the Congress on fire with macho attacks on Equality Minister Irene Montero. And in Strasbourg, the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Mezzola, is being asked to provide security for a peaceful, silent protest and in the corridors of the building against the act called by Vox against the right to abortion.

On Wednesday afternoon, as far-right MEP Carla Toscano insisted that the Equality Minister’s “only merit” was to scrutinize Pablo Iglesias, MEP Margarita de la Pisa was walking through a corridor of people in the building. of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, who protested against the start of abortion.

Jorge Buxade, the head of the delegation of the far-right party, posted a video on Twitter, where you can see how peaceful the protest was. Buxade also contacted the President of the European Parliament with a complaint and requested an investigation of the facts.

“We intend to demand an investigation and appropriate actions before the regulation is violated. We don’t know if there are similar precedents for accredited employees trying to break the act,” Vox’s sources explained.

“There should be an investigation, as the European Parliament always does when there is an incident like this,” sources from the presidency of the institute explain: “This is done when there is an incident like this. It doesn’t have to be in the regulations.”

Indeed, the European Parliament’s regulations are very restrictive of what can be done in plenary and prohibit the display of any type of banner. But the corridors are not plenary.

The case took a new turn when MEP Margherita de la Pisa asked to appear in plenary this Thursday afternoon to challenge the “boycott of MPs and assistants” during the protest. outside the room. And added: “It does not address the diversity that deserves to be respected in this institution. We take it for granted that steps will be taken to guarantee democracy in this space.”

Co-chair of the European Parliament’s left-wing group, Manon Aubry (France Insumize), responded: “I want to remind our dear friends on the right why this event was organized. It was a peaceful protest that I wanted to remember, there is one thing that is abundantly clear, and that is that the right to abortion will continue to be a right that our institution will tirelessly protect. That was the point of our stay. Simone de Beauvoir said: “They will have to remain vigilant because a political or religious crisis will be enough to call into question the right to abortion, the right of women.” Let them know that we will always be there for them when women’s rights are called into question.”

Buxade, head of the far-right delegation, responded to these words: “After listening to the words of the president of the left group, we are absolutely free to carry out any political boycott of the events taking place in this parliament.” .

Source: El Diario





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