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Feijoo management downplays Ángeles Muñoz’s husband’s prosecution for money laundering: “Marbella mayor not under investigation”

The general coordinator of the PP, Elias Bendodo, assessed this Monday the legal problems facing the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, whose husband is being prosecuted by the National Court for “active” membership in a criminal organization and money laundering. “The investigation of the mayor of Marbella is not ongoing in any judicial process,” Bendodo limited his response to a press conference this Monday. When revealed the case last October, the party’s national leadership maintained its commitment to re-endorse Muñoz as a candidate for mayor.

The National Court’s investigation resulted in an indictment that includes the husband of Angeles Muñoz, construction businessman Lars Gunnar Broberg. The injunction is directed against her son, the result of a previous marriage, and is also pending criminal charges against the court.

In police hearings during the investigation of the case, Muñoz’s stepmother says after her stepmother’s victory in the 2019 elections: “The city is ours, the junta… depraved Andalusia.” Marbella City Hall awarded the work more than €600,000 to his stepfather’s “front man”.

But, in addition, Ángeles Muñoz’s husband was involved in awarding at least one work. The builder handed over the budget for the public works to his wife and the mayor of Marbella, which was finally awarded in 2013, according to a chain of emails published by

Angels Muñoz, who has only been involved in politics in recent decades, has a personal fortune of more than 12 million euros, according to Only after this information, the mayor of Marbella and also the senator informed the upper house that in 2020 she took full control of the company previously shared with her husband.

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