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A “social patriot” summit with Oloni at the farm of the disillusioned, where Primo de Rivera grew up.


On November 4, many militants and some Vox leaders and former leaders who had been leaving Santiago Abascal’s party for years due to disagreements with the national leadership took a breather. That Friday, Macarena Olona, ​​a former deputy of the far-right party and candidate for the Andalusian junta, summoned journalists to the Palacio de Linares of the Casa de América in Madrid to finally reveal his plans, after the tour. In the various provinces of Spain to hold legal conferences – mainly on the unconstitutionality of states of alarm – always surrounded by great expectations.

Talks in Murcia, Seville, Granada or Malaga helped him to keep his future in the media spotlight, causing a lot of nervousness at Vox, where they were convinced that Olona was ready to help a new political project. And if it does, it will split the electorate on the right and threaten the advance of their old formation. According to the calculations made by some of his former colleagues, when checking the “enormous current of sympathy” that the former deputy was dragging, as they believe he showed during the Camino de Santiago, which he did this summer, one out of every three Vox votes could go. That hypothetical Olona project.

But in the end it wasn’t. Olona made his debut on November 4 by announcing that he had created an Ibero-American foundation that would expand to Spain and whose first headquarters had already been opened in Panama, to “leave the ideological battle against gender ideology.” Nothing at all about the creation of a new party or electoral platform. The idea of ​​going head-to-head with Vox in future election appointments was shelved, at least for now.

The disappointment of many of his followers was great. So much so that now a large group of those who trusted him, as well as leaders of parties split from Vox, gathered this weekend – which coincides with 20N, the anniversary of the death of dictator Francisco Franco – in Jerez de. la Frontera (Cádiz) in a farm that belonged to the Primo de Rivera family and where Falange founder José Antonio spent his childhood. Today the farm is an exclusive private club dedicated to hosting polo competitions and is owned by José Luis Caballero, a businessman who sponsored the Olona Conference in Malaga. What has been billed as a “major ‘social-patriotic’ summit” will be held at a farm this weekend.

Caballero himself claims that he invested the farm in the service of this meeting, because he believes that “it has the ideal historical symbolism to be the basis of an ambitious initiative that can finally provide all “social-patriotic” parties. Despite good intentions, their leaders are far from being able to fight effectively against those who stifle power in institutions and falsify ideals.” The call is advertised in Alerta Digital, a far-right online newspaper run by Málaga communications businessman Armando Robles, who has been accused on various occasions of spreading fraud. Robles is known for his attacks on immigrants, feminists, and systematic attacks on politicians or people of all walks of life. He was repeatedly arrested and charged with hate crimes.

The goal is to participate in the elections.

According to the promoters of the Jerez farm meeting, “this is a summit that could be the embryonic nucleus of a joint strategy and unity of action of the Spanish social patriots facing a coalition agreement in the coming municipal, regional and general elections.” , after the political fraud that Vox has caused and the unclear intentions that are already perceived in Macarena Olona and the people around him”. Therefore, they appeal to the “surprised” former MP, because the invitees believe that “they now have the opportunity to put aside their differences with generosity and open-mindedness and agree on a joint strategy.” “Social patriotism will undoubtedly be much stronger due to pluralism and transversality,” they say, adding that “it is time to show an ethical commitment to Spain, away from fraudulent parties and fraudulent leadership with a Vedetist appeal.”

Among the guests at the event are National Securities President and Parent Coriander’s father, Alfonso Galdon; Fernando Pradilla, former economic manager of Vox Asturias; Spanish President Suma, José Manuel Martínez Ayala; Also several former provincial leaders of the Abascal party and a large presence of members of the Vox Málaga anti-management platform led by Antonio Pulido. The presence of two Vox MPs in the Murcia Assembly, now in a mixed group, was also announced: Juan José Liarte and Francisco Carrera. But Liarte expected this newsroom, who declined the invitation for “work and personal” reasons. For his part, Alfonso Galdón, who was Vox’s leader in Murcia, claims that he is ready to listen to proposals made to see “if we can work together on something”, but whatever decision he makes. It must be approved by the National Executive Committee of his party.

According to the organizers, the event has also attracted “some international media interest, including Russia’s largest circulation newspaper Izvetia, whose correspondent in Spain will be Mikail Blokhin.”

“Olona looks like Belen Esteban looking for the limelight”

The one who explains in detail what he intends to do with the summit is José Luis Caballero, of whom Alerta Digital claims that “like many Spaniards, this businessman saw in Macarena Olona’s alleged political project a possible and exciting opportunity to redefine his role. The patriotic alternative in Spain and its disappointment are great today.” And it is that, according to Caballero, “the project cannot depend on the free will of one person, sometimes wrong, like the woman from Alicante, whom he reproaches for “refusing to have an ideologically and proven team well equipped. management experience to surround himself with a few sycophants and claptraps”.

“Olona – he said in a conversation with elDiario.es – is a media person, but he is neither a leader nor has organizational abilities, because, moreover, he does not know what he wants.” Hence his absence from this appointment. “He doesn’t stand for what we stand for. It is another system,” he notes. The businessman who sponsored the former Vox leader’s conference in Malaga is now outraged: “I already told him that his foundation in Latin America is very good, but in Spain there are more serious things and we have to lead the flag. political revival. That’s why I broke up with him, like many others. “That’s why he says that he proposed to create “a political organization parallel to his foundation”, but – he adds – “no project can be directed at how a leader gets up every day, on the left foot or on the right foot”. . “He wanted to start his beach bar with the foundation, he likes exhibitionism, the limelight. Macarena looks like Belen Esteban.

To warm up, Caballero, who is organizing everything, warns that for the moment they are going to call “a great mobilization against the Spanish government”, a movement “in which there is a place for the right and the people. On the left” to “overthrow the Sánchez government, which has taken over the structures of the state.” To block the Congress of Deputies. We will go around, we will paralyze the country, with trucks, all together. This is our line of work,” he asserts.

The businessman assures that the Democracia Real Ya collective, known for 15M, will also participate in this great movement, which will be represented at the event in Jerez. “It will be a historic weekend. I intend to unite them against the oligarchy that rules Spain and that signed the grand coalition,” he said.

Meanwhile, Macarena Olona continues the road map with the publication of her foundation Igualdad Iberoamericana, whose main mission, according to the day of its presentation in Madrid, is to abolish the current gender law through a popular legislative initiative (ILP) that will be transmitted to Congress and for which 500,000 signatures are needed. Next Tuesday, the 22nd, the former leader of Vox will travel to Roquetas de Mar, in the province of Almería, where he will explain his project and encourage those present to support his proposal.

Source: El Diario



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