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Moncloa is considering a “yes is only a yes” law after the sentencing, which reduces the sentences of sex offenders.

Moncloa admits that he needs to study the sentences that reduced the punishment for sexual assault, the so-called. Based on the new legislation of the “Only Yes is Yes” law and the aforementioned legal text, in case changes are needed that prevent such decisions from being made. They met in the last few hours. “It is necessary to study the punishment and the legal text, because the purpose of the law was not to reduce the punishment for the violence against minors, on the contrary,” said the Minister of Finance and the Deputy General Secretary of the PSOE. Maria Jesús Montero in statements to journalists in the Senate.

Therefore, the socialist wing of the executive branch supports the study of judicial resolutions and the law of the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom after the provincial court of Madrid heard two cases and reduced both sentences. One of them is a pedophile who abused his partner’s younger daughter. The judges believe that at the time he was given the minimum sentence (eight years) and therefore the new regulation requires him to face the new statutory minimum sentence of six years in prison. The second case is that of a teacher convicted of abusing several students. The judges believe that the new penal code decriminalized at least two of the episodes for which he was convicted.

“It is necessary to study this issue,” admitted the head of the treasury: “The punishment should be studied, what is covered and the legal text.

However, the Ministry of Equality blames the court’s decision. “The sentencing judge did not consider that Article 181.2 of the Sexual Freedom Law imposes the same penalties as the previous law: 5 to 10 years. And you cannot reduce the degree (as the Provincial Court of Madrid did) when (Article 181.4) there is a prevalence of a situation of superiority, coexistence or kinship, as it happens,” said sources from the department headed by Irene Montero. , which refers to machismo in justice based on the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

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