Puigdemont sees no “political benefit” even in reducing prison terms

Barcelona, ​​November 10 (EFE) – Former president Carles Puigdemont warned this Thursday that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s announcement to reform the crime of sedition could be a “trick”. No “political benefit” to independents, even if the sentence is reduced.

He did so after Sánchez announced the immediate introduction of a bill in Congress that would replace the crime of sedition with another crime of “aggravated public disorder” and lower penalties.

In messages posted on Twitter around midnight, Puigdemont noted that Sánchez and Vice President Yolanda Díaz are talking about “reforming the crime of rebellion” which is “not the same” as “selling out”. ERC.

“The crime is not abolished: the name is changed and the sentence is reduced.” Warning”, warned the former president of Catalonia, who must first “read the small and large print” of this reform, because “Sánchez’s statements are never what they seem”.

Sanchez, Puigdemont denounced, “is a master of the art of deception, but we already know his tricks and we must take every precaution.”

To prove skepticism, he explained that “if you are sentenced to prison for organizing and calling for an independence referendum, it does not matter if it is 15 years in prison or five: they are criminalizing the right. Individual benefits (spending less time in prison) do not lead to political benefits. Nothing will be denied.”

The independence leaders who served almost four years in prison for the unilateral referendum on 1-O “may now also be sentenced”, albeit to a “short” sentence, so that “the trial of the conflict remains intact”.

“Less prison time does not mean fewer trials or fewer cases.” It just means less time in prison,” he noted.

If the events of October 2017 cease to be a rebellion and become a case of aggravated civil unrest, “I don’t know where the political benefits are,” he noted.

“Yes, there is a big difference between spending 15 years in prison and five years. But politically we would be right there. Let’s see,” he concluded. EFE


Source: El Diario





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