Cardboard houses on the “edges” of the PSOE headquarters: dozens of people demand the unblocking of the housing law

Several dozen people gathered this Thursday in front of the PSOE state headquarters on Calle de Ferraz in Madrid to “press” the main government party to approve “a housing law that guarantees their rights and limits speculation.” Regulation remains one of the main areas of disagreement within the executive, between the PSOE and United We Can, particularly over the imposition of caps on rental prices. These inconsistencies delayed the approval of the law, which is included as one of the commitments of the legislature in the coalition agreement between the two powers. However, both sides are confident that they will reach an agreement in the coming months.

Thursday’s protest, attended by up to 50 people, involved placing up to 20 cardboard structures simulating houses on the pavement in front of the PSOE headquarters. The mobilization was supported mainly by the Housing Coordinator of Madrid and Amnesty International, but also by other organizations dedicated to the struggle for the right to housing.

“We are going to the door of the PSOE to demand that it unblock the negotiations on the housing law,” says Laura Barrio, the coordinator. He believes that the text proposed by the Socialists, which does not include specific restrictions on rental prices, is “completely useless and will leave most of the middle and working class unattended”. In his opinion, if this proposal were implemented, the eviction would continue. He asked the socialists to listen, and although the protest is part of the irony, he sees a real risk of the population “living in cardboard houses”.

Alberto Astarloa, an Amnesty International activist, notes that Thursday’s protest calls for a “housing law that guarantees human rights.” It calls for “greater protections for people facing eviction” to offer them “housing alternatives”, as well as regulating housing prices in “stressed areas” or offering public housing in St. Spain can be expanded to match the situation of other European countries.

Some of the heroes of Botto’s film

In Ferraz there was also the film “On the Edge” directed by Juan Diego Boto and produced by Penelope Cruz, which deals with the problems of eviction and housing in Spain. One of the film’s characters is Richard Rodríguez, from the Assembly of the User Anti-Eviction Platform (PAH), who complains that the government is “delaying the activation of the housing law”. “Families remain on the street without alternative housing, and this cannot be allowed in a legal state,” he added. He experienced the consequences of the current situation in his own body because, together with his wife, he could not pay the 550 euro rent that he owed in Vallecas, left the house and decided to occupy another bank’s property, which was empty. which he subsequently sold to the vulture fund, from which he fights for social rent.

Also, at Ferraz’s door, Asuncion Carbonell, an activist from the Villaverde Anti-Eviction Platform (PAH), who also appears in the Botto film, recalled that she has been “fighting for decent housing” for 10 years. “I’m old and sick and it’s time to give me decent housing,” he added. “PSOE always rejects the housing law and should understand our protest,” he says.

Source: El Diario

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