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Feijo joins Ayuso in supporting the theory that the government is trying to “change the democratic regime”.

Democracy in Spain is under threat. The coalition government of PSOE and United We Can prepares “regime change”. The goal: to establish “another republic”. Method: “Delegitimize the institutions”, “Occupy”, “Activate the civil war”, “Put the opposition in prison” and then leave the monarch. This plan is not a conspiracy theory. That’s the view of the right-wing and main opposition party, led by Alberto Núñez Feijo, who is well supported by Madrid president Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who scored the first goal. warned his own so that the PP would not agree to unblock the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

The regional leader has already put forward his theory a long time ago. His superior flirted with the idea that the executive was using “institutions” to his advantage. But the leader of the opposition has already fully joined the thesis, which puts him even more on the extreme positions that his predecessor Pablo Casado defended at the time.

Feijo travels to various countries in Latin America now that mandatory voting has disappeared and is still an important fishing ground for votes. This Monday, he took part in the rally with the head of the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Lareta. “We have the risk of populism,” he said of Spain, noting that the current coalition in the executive, in which he identifies PSOE, PCE and Podemos, “is supported by the independence movements,” which are “the biggest. Risk for 40 years in terms of populism, liquid politics, senseless politics.”

Feijo pointed to the “revisionist desire” of the government, which seeks to “discredit the institutions”. At the beginning of the summer, the PP was already playing on the border, accusing Pedro Sánchez of preparing for electoral fraud. At the time, the polls smiled on Feijo, who clearly saw a path to Moncloa Palace after the next general election, scheduled for late 2023.

But in September, the so-called Feijóo effect began to fade. The different face-off in the Senate, in which Sánchez and the leader of the PP played out, did not have the effect that the Galician team had hoped for. Its figure has faded in the polls to the point that key party leaders this Monday tweeted with glee at a poll that leaves the PP too far from a sufficient majority to govern alone. In fact, the money from the extreme right does not even represent the 176 MPs that guarantee its investment.

To justify the CGPJ’s failure to negotiate, Feiyo launched a barrage against the government. After refusing to make any deal until “another PSOE” arrives and scorning the exhumation of coup plotter Queipo de Llano from the Macarena Basilica, the PP leader has now added accusations that the government wants to “rekindle the civil war”.

But Feiyo has now gone one step further. “One tick [de los populismos] This is the delegitimization of the institutions,” he said at his conference in Buenos Aires, to accuse Sánchez of their “occupation” and resolve: “It is clear that the discrediting of the institutions of the interior is a system of democratic regime change.”

Feiyo thus gets into Isabel Dias Ayuso’s car. That Sánchez is “the most authoritarian cabinet we’ve had in a democracy” is not new in the argument of the Madrid president, who repeats this or a similar phrase quite often. He said this last week and reaffirmed it on Monday in an interview on El Programa de Ana Rosa, Telecinco.

“They are a completely authoritarian government,” he said. A few hours later, at a fast-food restaurant, he accused the president of the executive branch of throwing it “left to the left.” “What is he going to do? [Sánchez] It is that those convicted of serious crimes of sedition, with final verdicts, or those who are now in the news with corruption at the hands of the independence movement, will go unscathed and without glory. That is, mine and what suits me are well armored and the opposition is stuck. This is what he is going to change things for, and therefore the totalitarian tone that has been seen in many countries, starting with Nicaragua,” Ayuso said.

The context of Ayuso’s words is not just any. An indefinite toilet strike has begun in the community this Monday due to the chaos of hospital emergency restructuring.

The president always has a well-rehearsed speech. Nicaragua has already appeared in the morning interview. Also the supposed turn to the left of Sánchez, who he already places as the leader of communism. “He became the Le Pen of the European left. It does this with European funds, which is not written about, what it is spent on, by harassing banks, by increasing taxes,” he claimed, despite the fact that the European Commission itself had to deny it a week ago. that they would freeze the funds for this case.

Ayuso’s attack came from all fronts. “This is what aims to restore the Republic and the other Pablo Iglesias of life is the one who is above everything,” he said when asked about the figure of Juan Carlos de Borbon. “With the corruption that is rife in Catalonia, along with the poverty of the middle class, do you think the problem is King Juan Carlos? The problem is in something else, but we have to break Spain little by little,” confirmed the president, who suggests that he does not shy away from the debate.

Nor does he avoid them in his own party. “I’ve been here for three years, doing the same thing, saying the same thing,” he assured his opinions in a national key. Some theses, which have been repeatedly pointed out in the way of his boss, whose frustrated negotiations after Ayuso’s message with Pedro Sánchez, to unlock the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, the mandate has expired almost four years. Years ago, it seems they “don’t believe”. “The president of my party, with whom I am in constant communication, has always known that this path is nowhere for me,” he said.

However, he blames Sánchez for not allowing Feijo to play the role of opposition leader. “The opposition, the neck, as they are doing to Mr. Feiyo, that they are not allowing him to do his job as the leader of the opposition,” Ayuso said, shortly before he was convinced, though he always said he was. “Unsatisfied” with the negotiation of the judiciary, he supports it “in everything”. “They are going to remove Feijoo, who is the man who won four absolute majorities,” he concluded.

Source: El Diario





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