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Podemos asks Yolanda Díaz to respect the country’s “only transformative force”

The closure of Podemos’ Uni de Autumn was primarily a closure of the party’s ranks. Leaders such as Irene Montero and former leaders such as Pablo Iglesias or Juan Carlos Monedro claimed that the Purple Formation was the “mother ship” of the left before the inevitable process of re-establishing this space. And they sent stern warnings to Yolanda Díaz for launching Sumari as a platform away from political parties: “Podemos must be respected,” Iglesias warned.

In front of about 1,250 attendees (according to Podemos), which almost did not fill the capacity of the Colosseum of the Theater of Madrid, the act loaded with interventions by representatives of the international left, in fact, became a clear message to those who think that the party of Ion is Bellara. Ready to dilute himself in a project that does not give him the main role that he played before. A full declaration of intent regarding the road map drawn up by the second vice president, which Pablo Iglesias himself indicated as a candidate after his resignation.

In the most understated speech about the already uncovered political conflict that threatens to open the channel again to the left was Irene Montero. However, the formation leader and equalities minister said his party’s role was “the only force that can transform our country”. And he recalled that without Podemos, there would be no coalition government. “We are here today, running this country thanks to the courage and strength of Podemos. We can,” he said.

Montero described his formation as the only transformer on the left, “because we are convinced to make possible what everyone tells us is impossible. And also because we are a force that tells the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be,” he said about the war in Ukraine, tax increases for the rich or feminist laws. The minister also said that, in his opinion, the 2023 election cycle will once again “destroy Podemos” because it is the only force that “makes it impossible for the 1978 regime to rebuild a social consensus that consolidates its privileges”.

The general secretary of the Purple Formation, Ione Bellara, appeared in public for the first time since his recent birth, but without intervention, the summary of the meeting left Pablo Iglesias in the same leading role that he has held for so long. He was responsible for the closure of the act and the longest intervention, with a particularly harsh tone towards the plans of Yolanda Díaz, the woman who was once his greatest trust, whom he chose as his successor and for whom he did not spare, without naming, even thick words.

“Podemos is a political force that is in the government, but not in the consensus (meaning the position towards Ukraine and the rejection of NATO). That is what they are going to destroy with the stupid ingenuity of many sectors of the left, who were afraid to say that we should not send weapons to Ukraine, that it was hypocritical to compare Ukraine to Guernica, or to refuse NATO.” he said, referring to the disagreement between Podemos and Second Vice President Zelenskiy over sending weapons to the government.

But there was more. Iglesias said that the recipe for avoiding a PP and VOX government cannot be passed by the BOE alone. “It’s not enough to sympathize with the BOE and corrupt left-wing journalists.” We need a left that tells the truth, that is committed to social and ideological mobilization.” And he added in a direct reference to the Labor Minister’s approach to promoting Sumari outside of political parties: “There is no more reactionary speech than one that says parties are the problem.”

The former vice president knew that the municipal and regional plans of Podemos are in the plans of Yolanda Díaz and Sumari. “Some people think that there is a great opportunity for Podemos to do badly and for the United Left to disappear, because it will leave the entire field to the new left, which will not be chased by the sewers and will not be treated negatively. Progressive media. The level of naivety of such an approach is red-hot. You have to be a fool to believe that the left can do well in general elections if Podemos does poorly in municipal elections.

Iglesias emphasized that his party “was a noble political force like no other in this country”, citing as an example the commitment to “a candidate that was not from this party” or that Podemos would lead the government to “political formations that they did not even share the strategy of entering the government”, with an obvious allusion to IU. That is why, said the former Secretary-General, “we must reach again.” Although he warned: “We must bet on getting closer to Sumer in the general election, but Podemos must be respected.” A warning he verbalized again in his final sentence: “Woe to him who dares to disrespect the Podemos militia!”

Source: El Diario





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