Ayuso writes off Navacerrada ski resort after head-butting Sanchez

The community of Madrid, chaired by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, considers the Navacerada ski resort closed, which served as a confrontation with the government. At least his Madrid side. After the controversy, the regional executive finally ordered the company to return “occupied land” in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, whose permit effectively expired in 2019.

What the decree of the Ministry of Environment, reviewed by elDiario.es, did is, on the one hand, “refuse the request to renew the permit” that the company made on October 11, 2018 and, on the other hand, said. Ending occupation of public forest as authorization has expired “from 18 February 2019”.

The order was signed on July 4, 2022. More than three years after the expiration of the permit to occupy the land bordering the Guadarrama National Park and of high ecological value.

In addition, the letter reminds the company Puerto de Navacerrada ski station that it must dismantle the objects occupying the land of the telegraph cableway IV and the area must be “returned to its original state”. It also requires the community to dismantle and demolish “abandoned facilities and buildings in poor condition” elsewhere on the mountain.

That rubbish, scrap metal and rubble – which was part of another Telegraph cable car – was “potentially hazardous” and the concessionaire was told to remove it by February 2020, according to the resolution. The request did not have much effect.

However, despite this, the president of the Madrid community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, later called the station a “jewel” that, she said, “if we pay attention, we can preserve it for the future.”

He did this after he accepted the decision of the Autonomous National Parks Organization (OAPN) to no longer dedicate the Pinar de Valsaín land for use as a ski slope after the 25-year permit signed in 1996 for that purpose expired. OAPN is the owner of the land and, at the same time, depends on the Ministry of Ecological Transition, i.e. the Spanish government.

Ayuso chose Navacerada to clash with President Pedro Sánchez. Just weeks after Segovian’s track permit expired, it indicated that it was studying the “possibility of declaring it a Station of Cultural Interest (BIC) to prevent its closure,” even though its CEO believed that neglect had at least partially turned the station into a dangerous ruin.

Then he was planted in the station with the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Maniueco, in November 2021, when he announced that they would not process the expiration of the concession (only the type of procedure that is now carried out by the administration under the leadership of Díaz. Out). Ayuso). On that cloudy day, Madrid’s president said: “There is no logical reason for Navacerda to be closed after so many years for political reasons, with all the damage that entails.”

After the case was discussed and still without punishment, already in December 2021, Dias Ayuso said: “The port of Navacerada will continue its activities. Justice guarantees that the tracks will not be closed, as Pedro Sánchez intended. Madrid and Castilla y León are lucky.

Just seven months after those announcements, and with the political friction front already dampened, Madrid’s community government gave the ski resort three months to restore the land to its previous condition (required, yes, to leave one of the functional lifts). . The company appealed this decision.

The association “Environmentalists in Action” supports total dismantling “on both sides of the mountains”. Its spokesperson Mª Ángeles Nieto recalls that “any infrastructure that operates there must be subject to current regulatory procedures”, such as, for example, environmental assessments.

Also, in July of this year, the Duero Hydrographic Confederation decided to end the authorization of part of the waters of the Telegraph stream for the production of artificial snow. An official concession was made in favor of the town council of La Granja, although the snow was for the company Puerto de Navacerrada Ski Station.

The process of extinguishing this use began in October 2021 and considers that if the permit to occupy the public forest on the ski slopes expires, the right to use the water expires. The decision has been appealed in court.

In October of this year, national parks started cleaning the area from garbage. The organization has started dismantling other abandoned cable cars at Navacerada Station, in the middle of the mountains of Pinar de Valsin and Guaramilla (Segovia). According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this infrastructure has been unused for “decades”.

Source: El Diario





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