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Abuse victim tortured by her partner in Cuenca municipality freed

National police agents freed the victim of abuse in a municipality in Cuenca province, who was being held by her partner, who is allegedly accused of aggravated sexual violence, illegal detention, serious injuries and ill-treatment. Family environment.

The victim was subjected to torture and particularly violent and humiliating sexual acts for days, during which the author even used dangerous instruments that caused her serious injuries.

An investigation was launched immediately after the victim’s brother provided several images taken from a video call from Romania showing facial injuries. On October 25, the investigative department of UFAM Central received an urgent message from the Spanish Embassy in Romania, warning of the situation of the discovery of a woman in our country, according to the police.

Locked in a locked shed in unsanitary conditions

After the first urgent investigation, it was possible to identify the victim and the alleged perpetrators, as well as the city where the events took place, in the case of a municipality in the province of Cuenca, where several agents went who managed. find a home

Next to the house, they found a brick shed in which the victim had been locked and in uncertain and unsanitary conditions. Investigators entered the interior by breaking a small window pane, freeing the victim, who was rushed to the hospital due to the severity of his injuries, which left him unable to walk and unconscious. several times.

During the trip to the hospital, agents confirmed that the victim spoke virtually no Spanish and that she only repeated one word that matched the alleged offender’s last name.

At the same time, another group of investigators managed to find out the possible whereabouts of the romantic partner at the farm, where he was arrested as an alleged perpetrator of aggravated sexual assault, unlawful detention, serious injury and domestic abuse.

After being placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities, it was ordered to enter it as a preventive measure.

Source: El Diario





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