Rigoberta Bandini: breasts, dicks and euphoria to become an icon in Madrid

“In Spain we say ‘His bitterness’, in Spain we say ‘Hey, I’m bleeding’, in Spain we say ‘What the hell am I doing.’ The answer is enjoy it. Rigoberta Bandini turned her farewell tour “For a long time” into a party of freedom, communion, nipple justification and jumping. The track at Madrid’s Wizink Center didn’t hear the soles of your shoes this Friday. He was vibing, jumping and toasting the band’s party, led by a Catalan singer. A fun, electronic and fun date that brought her cousin – and half of the show – Belen Barrens back to the stage and brought up Amaya Romero, who feels very good in her footsteps. It all started with a song In Spain we call it lonelinessNot one iota though.

Paula Ribault appeared in sunglasses and a sparkling white gown. A garment that ended up being removed to finish look A schoolboy who used to take him to concerts before he became a phenomenon Thanks to Benidorm Fest and his anthem oh mother. His show has changed a lot. At other stages, he needed to repeat themes, cover other artists and extend songs due to the lack of repertoire, now, with his album. The empress After hitting the market, the band can enjoy what they do best: turn their shows into a true celebration. This is confirmed by the band itself in the very first words that it shares with the public. “I don’t know if you realize you’re at a party,” Bandin croons at the end of the first song. And he’s not lying.

The evolution is evident from the staging, now accompanied by more dancers, giving a different bill and scope to the recital. They are no longer four relatives/friends singing their famous songs. There is a dance corps, a lot of movement and a desire to have fun. The latter was already there, but thanks to him he won set listA commitment to Madrid’s youth team and in this case the winner’s ‘visit’ OT 2017 with which Ribault signed off on a song that screamed and screamed, That’s how I danced.

But it’s not all euphoria and highs. Bandini leaves room to breathe before the final fireworks display, which also doesn’t know the outcome. The fear was due to the absence of Belen Barren (meme). Heretofore, the usual showgoal would bring the talent of elevating the show by providing second voices to showcase both Ribault and himself. display. No one expected her as she waved goodbye to the crowd at the Granada Sound Festival in mid-September, knowing that her advanced pregnancy would not allow her to go on tour. But he was back last night with his shirt off, his belly showing with the flag and the same energy. “You’ll always be my dwarf and now you’re going to be a mother,” Ribault told her, much to the public’s enthusiasm.

The band decided to skip the version Genesis from oh mother So that everyone catches the eye. And it was a success. “I don’t know why our breasts are so terrible, without them there would be no humanity and beauty” she heard very loudly and confirmed the crop already. Chanel won the Benidorm Fest and took her SloMo In the historic third place of Eurovision, but Rigoberta Bandini kept the true anthem, which since January has been rejoicing in nightclubs with the power of screams full of power, conviction and dedication. It would not be less than his concert.

Despite what was expected to be the closing theme of the concert, the singer appeared in the middle of it wearing a beanie and sunglasses, accompanied by the aforementioned chorus filling the stage, and the meme was ready to vibrate and confirm the need to justify our chests. , bodies, sorority and emotion. They did, including rapping and getting the audience to dance between soft beers, stale backpacks and enthusiastic hugs.

Tour with scent and followed

The event was not exempt from tributes, which notably materialized in the form of a medal commemorating the television program Fury And this produced a mix of songs as diverse as you are of young people hentai Rosalia, How much I love you by Raphael It’s the night of love From the movie soundtrack Lion king and la la la with which Masiel won Eurovision in 1968 The empress, one of Bandini’s latest songs, is included on the album, which he released last Friday, adding several new songs to his repertoire. Of course, it was the most famous among the news love songs for you, which he dedicates to his son Nikos. “That father makes us Bolognese every week and more so that one day we will be able to see Sorrentino together, that the men of this new world cry very quietly,” were the more energetic lyrics in the Madrid hall.

Also important in the concert is Esteban Navarro, Paula Ribault’s partner and comedian from the VengaMonjas duo. The musician encourages the public to bark, enjoy and let go. “If I was a dog now, funny and very kind, I wouldn’t have these anxiety problems. If I were a daughter-in-law now, I wouldn’t be here crying. BeachThe second great climax of the event to denounce the restraints and manners imposed on women.

The end, yes, was for it Too many drugsOne of Rigoberta Bandini’s oldest songs, which invites you to move with a “Skeleton Soul”. Apotheosis took the stage and also with Amaya Romero. The big guest of the night stole the song That’s how I danced that both artists created together. “Monday before lunch, the girl went to wash, but she couldn’t wash because she had to dance” they sang, where they showed chemistry, great joy and everything that, as they say in the song itself, they are “excited”.

The group is going to say goodbye for a while, but first they will tour in Spain display in which there is a step forward. And not because they joined the trend of making the screens the leading element or the live performance, which gave the show a greater audiovisual scale. They expanded the team to expand the spirit of fun, but still wear the same uniform. Now they wear the empress crown, but the hooliganism, rampage and release are still what reach, resonate and captivate the most.

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