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The deadline for receiving the youth cultural bonus has been extended until October 31: how to claim and what to spend 400 euros on

Young people born in 2004 (those who will turn 18 this year) can request a voucher worth 400 euros in the field of culture until October 31. Created by the Ministry of Culture, this €210 million aid has a dual function – to encourage cultural consumption by people who still lack purchasing power and to promote cultural industries.

Next year, the process will be reactivated for those born in 2005.

As of October 11, when the deadline was due, only 166,520 of the approximately 500,000 beneficiaries had completed the application correctly (33.3%). In total, 378,417 people have started the process (227,420 have already been provided with a digital identity).

Where can I apply for the Youth Cultural Bonus?

Between July and October, the only way to do this was online, for which a digital certification system was needed, which created many problems for young people unfamiliar with this system. From October 11, beneficiaries can also claim from more than 2,000 post offices in Spain. To request it in the mail, you must Fill, sign, print and submit A form downloaded from the webBring your official ID (DNI, NIE or residence card) with you.

What should I spend 400 euros on?

The money is divided into three different “pockets”:

  • €200 for living arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts. Some examples: buying a concert or festival ticket, going to the cinema, attending a play or visiting the Prado Museum, the Botanical Garden or the Zoo.
  • 100 euros for physical support on cultural products. Some examples: get a CD from a band you really like, books you like, get a video game (only if you buy the box and disc, it’s not valid for digital sales services) or buy a Blu-ray of your favorite movie.
  • 100 euros for online or digital consumption. Some examples: pay for a Spotify account, create a Filmin account, subscribe to Podimo or even Become a member of

Will they give me 400 euros in cash?

No, you get a prepaid card that can be virtual or physical.

can i go hang out somewhere

No. Only in subsidiaries. By October, there are already 851. There will be more, as 3,500 more have applied for membership, but the data is being verified. Patience! You will have one year to spend.

What are affiliates?

These are companies and cultural entities that have a fiscal address in Spain, so Amazon, for example, is excluded. In the “Partner companies” section of the official website menu, they will tell you what they are, with a map and a search engine.

Companies can join until September 30, 2023, so the list will grow. Do you have an entity that can join? This is the platform to do it.

In addition, the ministry said it is working on exclusive special sales for bondholders.

What requirements do I need to receive a youth cultural voucher?

Except for the new in-person request by Koreo, the online route is still valid. This requires self-identification, which is the most difficult part of the process. If you are over 18 years old, you can get your digital certificate issued by FNMT (Request it here), for which you will have to go to the administration office (for example, the treasury, which is only open from Monday to Friday). If you have not yet reached the age of majority, you must have a Cl@ve system (Request it here).

And how does the bonus work?

After requesting assistance on the official website and application, upon confirmation of acceptance, you will be given access to a virtual prepaid card (identified with your name and number), managed by the mobile application, but also available physically. Format if someone requires.

How much time should I spend?

12 months after the award of the bonus. Just in case and don’t lose money, post an alert. Remember that the deadline to apply for the Youth Culture Bonus if you were born in 2004 is 31 October.

Source: El Diario





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