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‘Kings of the World’, Poetic Look at Violence in Colombia, Wins Golden Shell

protagonists kings of the world They have never seen the sea. It’s not that they haven’t taken a plane in their lives, but that they haven’t even been to Medellin. His arrival at the Zinemaldia festival in San Sebastián was a whirlwind. Here they came in an adventure to present the film, which ended with a well-deserved golden shell, winning one of the great works, rather than the remarkable official section, and doing it for the third woman in a row, Laura Mora. To go along with the data, this is the first time a Colombian film has achieved this.

It makes sense that San Sebastian would reward a director they discovered years ago kill jesus And it was blessed with this film, where he once again recounts the violence of his country. He does this by eschewing convention and clichés and delivering a poetic gaze that alternates between the beautiful and the maddened. kings of the world It’s almost a state of mind. Mora portrays the lives of these lost children in a wild vision of Peter Pan, where some gang members from Medellin travel to the jungle to claim the land one of them inherited when his grandmother died, a victim of forced exile by the guerrillas. It is a film that crosses the history of Colombia, the violence, the brutality, but in which Mora looks up to reach the scenes that stir.

The director admitted to the media that when the boys arrived a few days ago, they told him that they were going to cry in the sea that they had never seen, but they did not succeed. Who knows if this award will eventually shed tears of emotion. His presence on stage, collecting the most important prize of the competition, is a powerful image, important as a reference and as a sample of another life where cinema does not usually look. The film not only won the Golden Shell, but also the Feroz Zinemaldia Award and the Signis Award from the Association of Cinematographers.

The director remembered his father, who was killed years ago in Colombia, and expressed the wish that this film would serve as a “conversation starter”. He also thanked the young heroes for teaching them that “in such a difficult world, defiance is necessary.” Its producer asked the youth as their own heroes for the future and for cinema to make their stories visible and thanked their mothers who raised these boys alone in a difficult life and who trusted them to make this film. “Thank you for opening our hearts to these stories,” she told her director in a moving speech.

The list of winners that left the big names of this edition without a prize. Neither Ulrich Seidl nor Hong Sang Su nor Sebastian Lelio, the most famous directors in the official selection, mentioned the jury, which was also a reality check for Spanish cinema. Despite the good reception of critics of Spain’s proposals, only maternal, Pilar Palomero’s film won the award for best performance for the young Carla Quiles. For the second year without a gender gap in the acting awards, the jury chose ex aequo, which also won the Paul Kircher Award. The Lyceum, By Christophe Honoré. For practical purposes there was a prize for Best Actress and Second Best Actor. It’s a pity that the proposal is as mature, sophisticated and intelligent as it is Spring blessing He could not find a hole in the list of winners.

Where the actress was absent was in the supporting performance category, where a young Renata Lerman, daughter of director Diego Lerman, won for a minor role. Alternative, which is managed by his father. An award that shows the intention of the jury to bet on new generations, but few understood, especially considering that there were interpretations like Angela Cervantes. maternal, Much more powerful and complex.

The generational change for which the jury chose was also noted in the rest of the awards, which were for the first films. The Silver Shell for Best Director went to Japan’s Genki Kawamura, known for his work as a producer of recent Japanese animated classics such as bell, But in his first work behind the camera, he won the second prize thanks to the importance 100 flowersA portrait of dementia with great sensitivity.

It was also a debut feature runner, Working with Echo days of the sky by Terrence Malick, who won the Special Jury Prize. A small proposition that derives all its power from an almost painterly staging of fixed shots that ignores the relationship between its two young protagonists. Commitment to the future of Marian Mathias as a director. The best screenplay was awarded to the film China, to a woman Although the mention of Pornomelancholia’s photography was surprising, the work of Manuel Abramovich – who also did award-winning work – outperformed much stronger works such as Ari Wegner Wonder. The jury missed the most risky proposals, such as Sparta By Ulrich Seidl, a review of pedophilia that caused controversy in the competition, but also one of the most powerful films.

70th edition ending with the best possible gold cover. Every edition of Zinemaldia raises the same question, what is the benefit of winning the festival. For Laura Mora, it means blessing her with a second film in the A-grade competition, for her kings of the world it might change her life for a few days. more than enough.

official awards

Golden Shell: kings of the world

Silver Shell for Best Director: Genki Kawamura, for the film 100 flowers

Special Jury Prize: runner

Best Lead Performance: Carla Quiles, for maternal And Paul Kircher, for that Le Lyceen

Best Supporting Performance: Renata Lerman, for a motion picture Alternative

Best Screenplay: Dong Yun Zhou and Wang Chao, for woman

Best Cinematography: Manuel Abramovich, for the film Pornomelancholia

Source: El Diario





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