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Zahara launched Reputa: “I’m gutted that the poster got it wrong, we need to talk about being called whores”

Zahara blanked out the contents for compilation Beach, an album in which in 2021 he tells us about the episodes of violence he has experienced throughout his life. Sexual and power abuse, psychological abuse, eating disorders and suicide formed the backbone of the drive, which unfortunately became a universal story for the vast majority of women. His songs evoked pain, anger and raw debate about the issues he called by their names. After a year, the singer gives up the holiday reputationwhere he performed his songs with artists such as Delaporte, María José Llergo and Alizzz.

It is the eleventh studio album by the Jaén artist, whose first work was Day 193 (2005). He would come later A fabulous story… (2009), which included songs such as I deserve it i willingly. After his departure and dismissal from Universal A toxic couple (2011) ended up forming his own record label, with which he has released, including Holy (2015) and Astronaut (2018).

but with Beach He took another step, also in terms of style, which is mainly related to electronic music. “The process was devastating. I felt the need to publicize the songs, but at the same time the reception scared me,” he admits to this newspaper. Its launch was accompanied by messages from many women who spoke about their own stories and showed that violence and abuse was not a “generational issue”. One of the highlights of his influence came last summer, after Vox got the Toledo City Council to remove a poster from one of his concerts after calling it “an insult to a virgin.” Zahara expresses that she is “still” processing what happened.

Where does the “re” in the title come from? reputation?

shooting beach, The word was already aggressive and suited the way I told my story out of discomfort. The new album opens humorously and its “Re” is a review. part of the depth Beach But he aspires to have a calling to celebrate. It appeared almost involuntarily. As a result of the remix that Alize did on this theme Berlin U5 We thought the songs could have been more vocal.

How different was it from the process of making the previous album?

I didn’t know I needed to run and share so much. Almost all traumas lead you to a forward flight in which you store and hide them. The shame you live with is such that you don’t tell anyone. You don’t want to be looked at differently. What was the most difficult for me, I was able to do thanks to therapy.

I started going a year before the pandemic because I was in a personal crisis and I finally realized that it wasn’t a one-time crisis, but something that was always with me. There was an element of euphoria in writing songs and a need to get them out there, but I was also afraid of acceptance. The process was disastrous. I would write a song and think how amazing it was that I was doing that. But within a few hours I wanted to write another song and take it further.

More than a year has passed since the release BeachWas there enough time to hear the responses of so many women who felt your problems?

There was a part of me that saw this could happen, because as a woman, when I listen to, read the stories or watch the movie, I relate to it. I realized that many people were going to identify with certain phrases, but I did not imagine such a reception. Hearing their stories was horrifying to see so many, especially the very young, experience abuse and mistreatment. You realize it’s not a generational thing.

Last summer, the Toledo City Council Remove the posters He agreed to one of his concerts under pressure from Vox. How do you take stock of what happened now? Can it happen again?

Unfortunately, when it happened, I thought, “How can this happen in the year we’re in.” That there is still someone who thinks that art is reprehensible, when what it is is a messenger. The interpretation of each of them is the result of their own experience and beliefs. There may be something that offends you, but it does not say anything about the work, who is talking about you.

The fact that this misinterpretation of the photo was created is what really struck me, because what we really should be talking about is the title of whores. Or that there is a need to represent in an image the pressures we women live with for being women. And put up with insults, and you have to do it with dignity. Suffers humiliation and always has to hide the aggressor or forgive him. Enough! I felt it as manipulation and use by many media outlets where the news was ultimately only told by the publicity of the political party.

I felt quite disappointed, although there was fierce support from those who understood that what was being done was an attack on culture. I had very mixed feelings that I was still processing.

His reaction at the time was to ensure that the only answer he was going to give was to “sing and defend freedom of expression”. As artists, do you think we’re taking a step back?

When Extremoduro released his cover as Jesus Christ, there was no problem. They only come when we are the women who create this discomfort. While we are moving forward, the steps are so slow that I don’t know if we are still going to make real transcendental change. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I’m tired. I do not feel a smooth transition, I want to achieve real equality. And I don’t have to defend myself as a woman who works and is a businesswoman. I want to do something without extra pressure.

In Marychane He talked about the music industry with his verse about how you swallowed “lectures about your great potential in the Universal offices.” Did you get any response?

I like to ask why not. Also one of the things I have noticed is the shyness to comment on this. It’s funny what happens when you put yourself out there and be open like that, because when other people know, it’s like, “That’s cool, but let’s not talk about it.”

About your topic TaylorWhich says, “We are evil in the love of others,” how do you relate to that now?

It has improved a lot because one of the best learnings from this album was knowing how to receive love. I believed that I hated everyone and the only thing I didn’t know was how to love myself. The feeling of such emptiness is so strong that you lack your own love, and because you cannot recognize it, you blame everyone who does not love you at that moment. The truth is how they distort reality. Now I feel happy, everything that I experienced this year made me love myself, understand and listen to myself. I have a very healthy relationship with society. It is not to fill a missing gap, but to augment what I already have.

one year later Beach Started the thread God’s host, in which she spoke of concerns about feeling that “they’ve gotten used to hearing our story,” as if women’s time to speak up has run out. What do you think about it?

on the anniversary Beach I thought it was a song that had more meaning than ever because it was one of the most popular of the awkward conversations. But a year later, there were still murders due to sexist violence. Absolutely nothing has changed. I have a feeling it’s “Very well, you’re talking about it, but leave me alone. Complaining, but not too much.”

The last piece of good news was the approval Law “only yes is yes”, who brought consent to the fore. Is this significant progress?

Of course. It is important that these types of laws exist. I am very amused by the typical “sir” comment that says “now we can’t watch you anymore”. To which you should say “No, we’re not talking about that. If you don’t understand the law, improve your reading comprehension or empathy.”

My friends and I have often asked ourselves how many sexual relationships we could have saved. My answer, unfortunately, is that I don’t even know. To me they were not agreed upon, but I had no knowledge of it. If this was a law, a way to empathize, to read, to understand others, of course I would have saved myself many times that I really did not want to be in, but I did not know how to stop them. Throughout my teenage years and adulthood, I lived by the “If you don’t do anything, you’re a dick.” In other words, if you’re stupid, you know you’re going crazy, because if you’re not, they’re going to accuse you of something very serious.

It is very valuable that the emphasis is placed on sexuality education so that we can begin to set boundaries, to know what we want. But don’t do it out of fear, don’t do that, don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t wear that skirt or act like that, because that’s not sex education or education. It’s a macho culture.

Beach It also specifically addressed eating disorders. Why is this still a taboo subject?

Partly it has to do with shame. I suffered from bulimia, throwing up when I ate or played sports to cause indigestion. But it wasn’t really something I could tell anyone about because it’s something you’re ashamed of because you hate your body and who you are so much. You will not learn to love yourself and respect yourself. Furthermore, since the purpose is to be part of the normative standard, which is thin as the only thing that will make the force; You want it to look like you got there naturally. You don’t want anyone to know that it’s because you count everything you eat and if you waste two days you feel like you have to apologize because you’re dying of self-loathing. Eating disorders are so powerful because they hide severe self-esteem issues.

In my time, I had no reference to a body that wasn’t thin, with small hips and a certain size of breasts. Either it was or it was wrong. I had a small normal stomach which was a drama for me because I wanted the flat stomach that I kept seeing on actors. One positive thing I can see is that references are starting to cover all body types, although there is still a long way to go before real diversity is included. We need references because we live in a society that is constantly telling us what we should weigh and how we should dress. It is absurd to deny its importance.

After making such an outstanding album, what do you envision for the next album?

with reputation I liked seeing that I could get it out of the speaker Beach And write about other things. But when I think about my future songs, I see that I opened a beautiful box full of truth, which will be very difficult to close. It’s so nice how you feel when you surrender, you let yourself go, you’re honest and you don’t have any inhibitions.

Source: El Diario



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