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The prosecutor’s office finds no crime in Toro de la Vega and is conducting an open investigation following a government complaint.

The Environmental Prosecutor’s Office has decided to file an investigation, which it launched after a complaint filed yesterday by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 to prevent the controversial Toro de la Vega tournament scheduled for next Tuesday in Tordesillas. Valladolid) because “there is no indication of any crime”.

This was agreed by Antonio Vercheri, the prosecutor of the Environment Protection Chamber, in a letter sent this Friday to the Director General of Animal Rights. Vercher considers that “there is no indication of the commission of a crime, without an analysis of the specific correction of the administrative legality of the ORDER MAV/946/2022 of July 5, which declares the conformity of the adaptation of the bases. Adjustment and control (as well as precautionary measures) of the Toro de la Vega traditional bull show, which, if necessary, would correspond to the contentious-administrative jurisdiction and not to the prosecution”.

The Environmental Prosecutor’s Office recalls that in 2007 and 2015, it has already made a decision in the same direction with similar petitions. The essential issue, he explained, is that there is a regional legal basis that provides the current situation and to which it is adapted. A way to celebrate these types of holidays. The social rightists claim that the Ministry has not received a document notification about their request at the moment.

Once the pandemic is over, this event will be held under new regulations that will not allow the animal to die on site. Nevertheless, the bull will suffer because this modification establishes “the establishment of a currency with a new punch that prevents the blood from flowing out”, as explained by the Junta de Castilla y León. In addition, it is envisaged to limit the number of rounds to “fifty” and “the number of currencies that can be placed to seven”.

According to this decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, the General Director of Animal Rights, Sergio G. A precautionary measure requested by Torres this Thursday, which said the event “could lead to a crime of animal abuse,” was denied. This senior official claimed that the “harpoons” are infringing Regional regulations Bullfighting shows. The regional regulation stipulates that in “all” cases during bullfights with cattle “it is forbidden to cut, poke and hit these animals”. However, the prosecution does not come to the same conclusion and rejects the precautionary measures that prevent Toro de la Vega from being celebrated.

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