Harry Styles and the Controversial Cloud ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Funny Feminist ‘The Matrix’

At any festival worth its salt, there’s bound to be a good line-up. A film that ends with buried extra-cinematography. Last year, Ben Affleck’s arrival in Venice with Jennifer Lopez was more talked about than Didi. The last duel; And this year it was clear that the same thing was happening when Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, actor and director Don’t worry dearThe film in which they started a romantic relationship.

Ever since the news was known in the gossip world, it was all that was talked about. The film was forgotten in the shadow of rumors and controversy. The first was when Olivia Wilde received child custody papers mid-filing Don’t worry dear at San Diego ComicCon, which he saw as a macabre strategy by his former partner, the comedian and star. Ted LassoJason Sudeikis. As if that wasn’t enough, a few weeks before the premiere, Wilde gave an interview and said that he had replaced the originally planned Shia LaBeouf with Harry Styles in order to create a safer environment for his cast, since LaBeouf had been accused of sexual assault.

LaBeouf responded by denying it, posting a video that Wilde himself had sent him, asking him to reconsider being in the film and referring to the film’s star, Florence Pugh, as “Miss Flo,” in an undertone that didn’t go unnoticed. . This gave rise to another conspiracy theory surrounding the film, which Pugh and Wilde ended up with as The Rosary of Dawn. Do you think this is enough of an argument? Oh wait, there were two more episodes left in the last few hours. A day before the presentation of the film, Florence Pugh canceled her participation in the press conference and interviews and said that she would be alone on the red carpet. The excuse, or argument, was that it came directly and at the right time from filming Dune 2. Hours after the red carpet, a video surfaced showing what many believe is Harry Styles spitting next to another actor, Chris Pine’s leg, while receiving a standing ovation from the Big Room crowd.

The result is that no one is talking about the film. The show was more like a The real show That cinematic event and networks are excited. Maybe a sample. It was by far the most popular movie on the Internet, and Chalamet was made a fool of by Harry Styles fans who lined up for hours to see him on the red carpet. It’s a shame because in the end few people talk about big matrix A feminist who is a Block Buster Fun and effective.

Don’t worry dear It shows a society that looks like something out of a Dory Day movie. Perfect housewives, husbands in suits driving to work in big cars, chalet barbecues, perfect suits and lots of pastel colors. A perfect life… for them. For chauvinists, for that incel For false allies, for those who want peace and at home. Until the heroine sees that something strange is happening. It’s convenient to reveal a small part of the story, but Wilde himself said that his film has a lot in common. The Truman Show and with matrix.

It’s a dystopia against the patriarchy, with Florence Pugh being a pure clutch, a style that debuts a bit lost and a staging that feels repetitive at times, but plays with a great soundtrack and delicious production design that evokes 1960s homes. Thriller Conspiracy, paranoid and containing a very strong message. It’s a film against the control of women’s bodies, and it comes at a perfect time to question the far right, which seemed untouchable months ago. A blockbuster that sometimes thinks it’s smarter than it is, but looks good. A pastiche of multiple references that works more correctly.

I don’t know of a time when the fight against body control was not relevant. I hope the film sparks debate and makes people question the system.

Olivia Wilde
Director “Don’t Worry, Darling”

In the face of such chaos, the film’s press conference was also the most noisy and massive in Venice. The first question was about Pugh’s absence. Olivia Wilde first thanked Denis Villeneuve for letting the actor on the red carpet, then said: “Florence is a force of nature and she’s fantastic in the film.” “We’re grateful that he can be here tonight. About the tabloid nonsense and rumors that feed the Internet. I’m not going to contribute to that,” he explained.

She elaborated on the importance of entertainment with a feminist background, saying: “The idea of ​​this film is unfortunately timeless, but it’s also something that’s always happened throughout history. I don’t know a time when the fight against organ control is not relevant, so we must continue the conversation. I hope it sparks debate and people question the system, even though it’s an entertaining film. The film is deliberately provocative, I’ve always believed in disruption as a necessary tool for society.” Two weeks left don’t worry dear Come to the rooms. At the rate things are going, at least five other controversies could come up to fuel the fire that hopefully doesn’t burn the movie down.

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