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Animal residents deny that the horse disappeared in Palma and he was forced to serve again

Animal party Progress in Green took to social networks to condemn the disappearance of a horse in the center of Palma this week. According to Progreso en Verde, the animal, after collapsing in front of the Balearic Parliament, was forced to serve again instead of being cared for.

This is another horse added to the list of accidents throughout the summer in the Balearic community, After the July 24 report To the immobility of tourists attached to the top hat.

The current situation is also influenced by the frequency of heat waves. In 2019, the Palma City Council approved a resolution prohibiting the circulation of carriages between 12 noon and 5 pm on days when AEMET issued a yellow, orange or red alert due to heat. Three years later, after a rejection by the High Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB) and a pandemic that slowed down the process, the decree was approved. As of last August 25, the galleries will not be able to circulate in Palma when there is a heat alarm.

The final elimination will take place from 2024, when the carriages will become electric, thanks to the citizens’ initiative (votes in favor of the governing team of the City Council: PSIB, Més and Unides Podem).

Source: El Diario





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