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INAEM devotes more time to performing companies so that European aid is not lost

The dance companies have warned that the deadlines set by INAEM for assisting with a recovery, transformation and endurance plan will not be met. This Tuesday, June 28, the stage institute under the Ministry of Culture was to be notified which request had been met and which had been met. What the State Federation of Dance Companies and Companies (Feced), which has been conducting a dialogue with the administration, has already promoted, which would have been impossible due to the lack of staff at INAEM.

INAEM has extended the aid decision deadline until October 24, the implementation deadline until December 30, and the justification deadline until February 28, 2023, for the redistribution of € 17,930,000 between theater and facility modernization projects. Dance companies based on the next generation of EU funds.

Culture explained that the expansion was driven by “the need to devote more time to INAEM management teams to analyze the 1,800 projects submitted on call and to give applicants confidence in the implementation of the submitted projects.” Valeria Kozi, president of Feced, confirms that they are “very happy because the funds will not be lost”. “Given these deadlines, we understand that INAEM will have more time to be able to resolve, we hope they will not run out until the last minute and companies will have more time to meet,” he explains. “It will make a lot of work easier,” he added.

The dance companies were warned that because of their size and continuity, they did not have the liquidity to invest in the projects for which they were seeking help before they knew whether they would receive it. By extending the term, companies will be able to receive and implement assistance in a timely manner.

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