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Pedro Almodვარvar already has his “hired weapon”: Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke.

Pedro Almodოვvar is in a moment of great productivity. He is not only in full preview of his new film, the film adaptation A guide to cleaning women, Lucia Berlin’s book, but this summer she will be shooting a new short film in the Almerian Desert. The western he announced two years ago at the Venice Film Festival when he presented it The human voice And that will eventually give the initial weapon. Will be called Strange lifestyleAnd Almodდოvar has confirmed that his two characters will be Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke as “two mercenaries” who will meet again.

“A man crosses the desert on horseback, which takes him away from the bitter cry. He comes to Sheriff Jake. Twenty-five years earlier, both Sheriff and Silva, the rancher who goes to meet him, had worked together as hired guns. “Silva comes on the pretext of reuniting with a young friend, and they actually celebrate the meeting, but the next morning Sheriff Jake tells him that the reason for his trip is not to remember their old friendship,” the First Synopsis reads. From a short film offered by his production company El Deseo. “I will not have to say more so that I do not reveal all the surprises of the script,” the director adds to this first argument.

Poetic title Strange lifestyle Amalia refers to the famous fado of Rodriguez, “whose poems suggest that there is no stranger existence than the one who lives behind your desires.” Almodდოvar also confirmed the names of the other actors, including the young promises of Jason Fernandez, Jose Conde, George Stein and Manu Rios, as well as Pedro Casablanca and Sarah Salamo. The costume design for Saint Laurent will be carried out by Anthony Vaccarello, who will not only be responsible for this aspect, but will also be involved in the production as a producer. Filming, in part, in the Tabernacle Desert, Almeria, and the city that Sergio Leone built fifty years ago with Clint Eastwood to shoot his dollar trilogy.

The title refers to the famous fado of Amalia Rodriguez, whose poems suggest that there is no such thing as living with your back to your own desires.

Pedro Almodოვvar
Კ New director

Interestingly, the director is going to shoot Western with two men, two characters, because one of the projects in English that he was able to shoot in his time was. Kuziani Mountain. In an interview during the Juliet tour of the United Kingdom, Almodდოvar said that his version would have “more sex”, as well as the story of Annie Proulx, on which she is based, which “focuses on physical relations, animal relations.” The second short film he is making, for which there is no data and dates for filming, is a dystopia of a world that has run out of cinemas.

After filming Strange lifestyleThe director will start the work A guide to cleaning women, Which will be starring and produced by Cate Blanchett and will be her first feature film in English. There is still a lot of unknown to decide from this project, from the filming dates, to the names of the actors, the stories of which Almodოვvar will choose within the book, as only five will jump on the big screen.

During a visit to Los Angeles in March last year, when he attended the Oscars, Pedro Almodვარvar took the opportunity to meet some of the actors he had in mind for this new project, as he spoke in a record book he wrote and published in the eldiario. this

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