Coronavirus incidence continues to decline, with health organization reporting 152 deaths since Friday

The Ministry of Health has registered 33,992 new cases of coronavirus, which exceeds the total number of infected people by 12,360,256 by March 2020.

By communities, Madrid is the one with the most infections, 5,854, followed by Catalonia, 5,003, Galicia, 3,783, and the Community of Valencia, 3,458.

The incidence in people over the age of 60, in the health-at-risk group on which it was targeted, decreases to 663.22 cases per 100,000 population, from 728.22 points.

The ministry added another 152 deaths, led by Darias, bringing the death toll to 106,493 since the start of the pandemic. 199 of these have occurred in the last seven days.

In hospitals, as of this Tuesday, 6,817 people have been brought in, which means occupying 5.53% of the beds. Compared to the previous report, hospitalization was reduced by 163. There are 355 patients with Covid-19 in clinics.

Source: El Diario





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