“Life of Brian,” the Monty Python masterpiece that mocked religions and is now being appropriated by the right

Easter TV shows have the same suspect every year. The same biblical themes are repeated over and over again, among which is the Trojan horse that never fails. of two Ten Commandments, King of Kings And the company will appear Life of Brian. It’s almost a paradox that such a brutal satire on religion and false messiahs has been embraced as a classic. weeks beforeBut 2024 repeated the pattern and was a Monty Python masterpiece.

The comedy troupe’s most famous film is one of those cross-cutting titles that everyone likes and about which there’s a strange consensus that unites left and right, parents and children. Strangely enough, a film that was criticized by all religions when it was released in 1979, censored in several countries, and outraged anyone of faith. What is it about Monty Python’s humor that made him so angry then and loved so much now? woke up And the object of desire for conservatives? It is another mystery of the film that from the most reactionary sectors it is raised as a flag of freedom in a context where “nothing more can be said”.

Source: El Diario

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