A player who challenged a fan who called him a “puff black” has been banned for two games.

Senegal’s Rayo Majadahonda player, Cheick Sarri, has been suspended for two games for a confrontation with a fan who racially abused him during a game in Sestao last Saturday. His team also forfeits three match points for refusing to continue play after the incident.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation ordered the closure of the Sestao Stadium for two matches and fined the club 6,000 euros. This contrasts with the sanction imposed against Getafe, who partially closed the stands where racist abuse came from Sevilla’s Marcos Acuña over three matches.

Sarri jumped into the stands and confronted the Cestao crowd as he called him a “slutty black man” and a “slutty monkey,” according to the referee’s report. The teammates broke up and then decided not to finish the game. The meeting was suspended. This Tuesday, the Sestao River club issued a statement denying everything: “During the celebration of the football match, there were no racist chants against any of the heroes: the proof is that in the minutes of the match, both referees, like Erczain, nothing in this regard is reflected, not even by television images.” .

Rayo Majadahonda captain Jorge Casado – who made the decision to leave the match – has already said that it appears “whoever receives racist abuse is guilty”.

Source: El Diario

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