The Supreme Court rejected a complaint by Christian lawyers against the ombudsman over his report on abuse in the church.

The Supreme Court has rejected a complaint brought by the Christian Lawyers Association against the ombudsman over its report which estimated that around 450,000 people had been sexually abused in the Catholic Church. The judges understand that there are no signs of prevarication, embezzlement or hatred of the crimes proposed by the ultra-Catholic association and deny that “it represents the criminalization of members of the Catholic Church.”

The ombudsman’s report, from the institute headed by Angel Gabilondo, included a survey that showed that 1.13% of the Spanish population had experienced violence in a religious environment, amounting to around 450,000 victims across the country. Half of that number, he added, had been attacked by a priest.

The report, the first official and independent on the issue, also denounced the “dynamics of concealment and cover-up” in congregations and religious orders and called on the state fund to pay compensation to the victims through church contributions.

The Christian Lawyers Foundation decided to file a complaint against Gabilondo himself, claiming, among other things, that the report promoted hatred against the Catholic Church, its members and believers. Also, that there was an embezzlement of state funds and resources.

Some of the charges the Supreme Court’s Criminal Chamber recently rejected outright. Regarding the hate crime, the magistrates explain that it is impossible to attribute this crime to the report, the preparation of which the Episcopal Conference itself took part. This was followed by the document “Enlightenment”, in which the conference itself acknowledged the existence of these violations.

The conclusion, the Supreme Court continues, did not lead to the “criminalization” of church members either. “It is limited to objective data by drawing up the reality of violence, the response of the institution itself and the actions of public authorities, using the testimonies of the victims and the information provided by the Spanish Episcopal Conference, dioceses and institutions. of a blessed life”, – they say in the Supreme Court.

For the Supreme Court, the accusations of the Christian lawyers had a “false nature”. By the way, because the complaint pointed to the criminal responsibility of the chairmanship of the Congress of Deputies, although the chairmanship of this institution was not accused of anything. “Undoubtedly, we know that legislative activities such as the one we are dealing with escape jurisdictional control, thereby making prosecution against the accused impossible,” the Supreme Court said.

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