Teresa Ribera: “Water nationalism, now in Puerta del Sol, makes no sense”

The government’s third vice president, Teresa Ribera, reiterated this Wednesday that despite the increase in water reserves after the rains of Storm Nelson, “we must not let our guard down and be prudent.” At a Europa Press breakfast briefing, Ribera explained that in water management, “the water nationalism that is now in Puerta del Sol makes no sense.”

In this way, the Minister of Ecological Transition referred to the appeal of the community of Madrid against the hydrological plan of the Tajo, in which the President of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declared that the supply of seven million citizens was “at risk”.

“It’s very difficult to talk to the public in Madrid when the first thing they do is shout and then see if anyone responds to that shout,” Ribera replied. “El Tajo is not from Madrid or Castilla-La Mancha. It belongs to all Spaniards and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the common interest, but the political noise is also reflected in this issue.”

Regarding water, Teresa Ribera added that in Catalonia, whose reservoirs are still at a very low level, with very little more than 16% of capacity, “I believe that the management that is being implemented will allow us to approach the coming months with some calmness, but let’s prepare Desalination water for drinking [para un posible transporte en barco].

“Greening” and political tension

The Vice President for Energy once again confirmed that there will be a nuclear shutdown in 2035. Regarding the complaint that Iberdrola filed against Repsol. greeneryRibera explained that “the UK’s advertising authority concluded that there was greenery As with Shell. Respol has a difficult situation because its business was based on fossil fuels” and stressed that the company needs to “find a way to survive in an unstoppable process, in terms of reputation and jobs. This is decarbonization.”

The person responsible for the ecological transition concluded the intervention by talking about the climate of almost constant political tension in Spain. Ribera said that “we are trying to defend ourselves” in a “context of insults and deceit that takes the focus away from what is important.” He also asked himself, “How is it possible that we see a party with a center-right appeal that is oriented to extremes?” “These battles are always lost and in France they know it very well.” And he cited as an example “that they speak of harmony and not of democratic memory”, referring to the legislative projects of the Community of Aragon, Castilla y León or Valencia.

In this sense, he admitted that “for a long time, and I was in this position, we thought that we should be calm, because how were people going to pay attention to such a list of insults, but it seems that the 28 million district elections, that the same yes, it was ignored, Although the objective and management figures were good. Well, we have to explain that lies are being thrown.”

Source: El Diario





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