Jose Sacristan: “My father fought underground against Franco, that’s why I can’t look elsewhere”

When Jose Sacristan speaks, the world is silent. He is silent because of the deep voice. A voice that has accompanied many people throughout the history of this country. A voice that made many Spaniards laugh during the comedies and revelations of the Franco regime. A voice that later carried them into the cinema of transition and democracy. in the theater. The sacristan is the voice of our life. It is also the voice of conscience. So many decades on stage have given him the privilege to say what he wants and when he wants. Always loyal, but always critical. He realizes that he cannot remain silent because he feels the weight of memory, which in his case is personal and historical. Of a father imprisoned for fighting against Francoism, and one who suffered years of dictatorship.

At 86, he refuses to retire. After a long season tied to Miguel Delibes, he moves to Juan Mayorga collection, which the playwright also directs at the Teatro de la Abadía, where a sign is posted that there are no tickets every day (and where there are none left for the rest). Then the tour across Spain will begin. There is no lack of energy. He still feels like a child dressed up to play in front of his grandmother. Nor is there a lack of desire to speak, to question power, and all that is wrong.

Source: El Diario

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