CCCB has been asking the right questions for 30 years

“CCCB is a unique cultural institution of its kind: an agora, a place of meeting, learning, creativity, discussion and enjoyment for citizenship. A place of freedom and fruitful debate. Barcelona owes much of its modern cultural vitality to this exceptional institution. These words were written in 2011, when Josep Ramoneda, the first director of the CCCB of Barcelona and intellectual father, was informed that he would not be continuing after 17 years in office. Their open letter was signed by intellectuals like Tsvetan Todorov, Ismail Kadare, Zygmunt Baumann, Andre Glucksman, Paolo Flores d’Arcas and Timothy Garton Ash.

Amidst the deep economic crisis, the nationalist right gained power in almost all Catalan institutions, including the Barcelona Provincial Council. After being in charge of the center’s budget, its new president almost decided that Ramoneda would not continue in the position. His idea of ​​creating a centre, which he describes as “a place far from the usual patterns of cultural institutions”, was supported by the previous socialist president. The announcement of the replacement caused a furious protest of the intellectuals of the whole world, which was also reflected in the above-mentioned letter.

Source: El Diario

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