Residente’s new video features Penelope Cruz alongside Silvia Pérez Cruz

Residente has released a music video for his song 313, in which Silvia Perez Cruz also sings and which features both musicians and actress Penelope Cruz.

The music video was shot in the gardens of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia, which is managed by the National Heritage and directed by René Pérez Joglar himself, the singer’s real name.

The resident thanked the “talent and time” for the participation of Penelope Cruz in this way: “After Ham, Ham, Belle Époque and Open your eyes “Everyone on the planet is in love with you.”

As for the ongoing music of Sylvia Pérez Cruz, the 2022 National Prize winner, the Puerto Rican recognized her “voice full of light that embraces our soul.”

The song was inspired by the artist’s late friend Valentina, and that’s why the heroes of the video disappear before they meet, with visual effects created by the Spanish company El Ranchito VFX, which won 10 Goya awards, the last one. One for that Snow Society.

The artists appear accompanied by the Corpus de Ballet, made up of dancers from Madrid’s Company 180.

Source: El Diario

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